Churchill confidante: silence is another kind of love

/September 2021

Churchill and Violette met for the first time in 1907. At that time, Churchill, 33, was a Liberal Party member in Manchester Northwest Constituency. In Violetta's eyes, he was so handsome, mature, and capable, and his brow was even more heroic. Since then, they have been dating frequently, and when they are together, there is always endless talk. Churchill's confidante: Silence is another kind of love. The following year, Churchill was appointed Minister of Commerce and became the youngest cabinet member in British history. Violette also came to Croton Bay with his parents from London for a holiday. Churchill promised to meet her parents on August 17th. She believes that Churchill will propose to her when they meet this time. She even dreamed that one day she would become the Prime Minister's wife. Yes, her father was promoted to the prime minister in April of this year.

I don't want to, but the news is that Churchill put the engagement ring on another girl's hand.

That girl is the granddaughter of an earl in Scotland. They met in March of this year, that is to say, 11 months later than she met him. Love takes time, but it is not proportional to time. There is no doubt that Churchill loved her seriously, but by contrast, he felt that the girl was more conducive to his career development and more suitable to be his wife.

On September 19th, it was the day when the Prime Minister's house received a visitor. The figure was the narrowest, but Violette hid in the boudoir and watched the news of their honeymoon in the major newspapers, and tears welled up. She suddenly thought of the name of the castle rented by her family: Killing Castle. Her heart suddenly felt afraid: He killed the love between us. Why don't I put out my flower of life?

After that, she told her family that she would go for a walk on the edge of the cliff. While the Prime Minister and his wife were busy welcoming them, they didn't notice the difference between their daughter at all. When it was getting dark, it was discovered that my daughter was seeing something.

The whole castle suddenly fell into a panic, with servants holding lanterns in front, and all the guests following closely, looking for the cliffs by the sea. Dozens of villagers nearby heard the news and joined the search team. Near midnight, there was still no figure, and the Prime Minister almost collapsed ...

A few minutes later, suddenly came the cheers of fishermen. Viollet, who was rescued, calmly said to people: She accidentally fell while walking and knocked her head on the rocks and fainted. However, according to fishermen, the place where she fell was a meadow, and there was no sign of head injury.

All the mainstream media in Britain have just made endless reports on the grand occasion of the marriage between the business secretary and the earl granddaughter, followed by the news that the prime minister's daughter wanted to "commit suicide by jumping off a cliff". Some people seem to have realized something. Although many journalists went to the "killing castle" intensively to find out the inside story of the Prime Minister's daughter's suicide, they never got the clues they wanted.

Since then, Violette has buried this love affair in his heart. Churchill's political path is getting smoother and smoother, helping Britain win two world wars and becoming one of the most outstanding politicians in Britain.

In 1915, Violette married a free party politician who was born as a cricket player. In 1965, Churchill died. Since then, Violette has written an autobiographical novel, but she has never said anything about the cliff-jumping incident and is regarded as Churchill's confidante.

It was not until a British history writer consulted the relevant archives that he saw a paragraph written by Violette: "When Churchill was around, the whole person was like being killed by a spell'; When I can't see him, I will feel' extremely empty'. " Only then can people understand that this is not the confession of confidante, but the infatuation of lovers.

Violette kept her mouth shut about this love affair because she knew that once it was announced, it would make people think that Churchill used the daughter of the Prime Minister to climb to the high position of business minister, but suddenly abandoned it and made a new love. This will inevitably put Churchill in a moral crisis, and then affect his future.

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