Clasp your fingers and fall in love

/September 2021

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He is poor and she is ugly. 

In his poorest time, she gave him marriage, in her most inferiority complex, he gave her a home. 

Such a combination, it can be said that it is a man and a woman who make do with each other. Where does love come from? 

On his wedding night, he looked at her and said to her, as if swearing to himself: I won't always be so poor! 

'i believe, 'she said. 

The sentence "I believe" made his body and mind tremble. 

In his nearly thirty years of life, no one believes that he will become rich. 

A woman who had nothing to do with him ten days ago, a woman left over by other men, had no choice but to marry him and said she believed he would make a fortune. 

She suddenly became not so ugly in his eyes, and his masculinity was inspired at that moment, and in the darkness, I didn't know who grabbed whose hand first, and they clasped their fingers tightly. 

He sells melons and vegetables, contracts to open a small shop, and has endless energy every day. 

He really made his fortune in less than ten years, with deposits in his card exceeding seven figures. 

She has always been his good wife. 

Follow him in the wind and rain, accompanied him day and night. 

When they are busy, they don't have a word, and when they are free, they will talk with their fingers clasped for a while. 

'i 've never been in love, and now I want to make it up,' he said. 

'i've never been in love either, and I want to keep talking in the future, 'she said. 

With that, the two smiled at each other and clasped their fingers more tightly. 

As soon as he made his fortune, his friends incited him to divorce, saying that she was too ugly for him, and there were women around him who wanted to take her place. 

He said nothing and smiled. 

She knows everything, but she never asks. 

As always, no one talks when he is busy. As soon as he is free, he sits side by side, clasping his fingers and making love. 

Once, after he was drunk, he revealed his heart to his friend. He said it was she who married me when I was most incompetent, and she brought me good luck and motivation. We were both forgotten by love, and we never fell in love in the best years. We made an appointment to keep talking about love for the rest of my life, a long-lasting love, a love with ten fingers clasped together! 

These words were heard by the one who came to see him. 

She walked over, without words, just a warm look at each other, and others found that their fingers had been clasped together.