Come back and get married

/September 2021

At that time, the brother-in-law's grades were mediocre, his ability was mediocre, his appearance was mediocre, and his family was not even as good as mediocre. 

He has no background, no house, no car. 

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Mother arranged the work for her sister to go home, and she would never let her sister be with such a man. 

Like many senior couples, they graduated, broke up, one stayed in the south and the other went back to the north. 

My sister was 22 years old and my brother-in-law was 22 years old. 

Also, there is no future for two people, why delay each other's time, it is not as good as a clean break, from now on to find their happiness. 

Three years later, the two seldom contacted each other, let alone met each other, but on their birthday, my sister would receive a gift from my brother-in-law, and on Valentine's Day, my brother-in-law would order flowers online and send them to my sister's office. 

In the twinkling of an eye, the elder sister is 25 years old and has no boyfriend all the time. The family began to worry and made great efforts to arrange a blind date for the elder sister. 

I know that several of them are very interested in the elder sister, plus the appearance and work of the elder sister are good, and many people show their love among their colleagues and classmates. 

I did not understand at first, but also followed blindly anxious, complaining that she did not know how to accept. 

But every time she smiled and said that she didn't like it and didn't feel it. 

Perhaps most of the stories will come to an end, and the two will fall in love and live faintly until he fades out of her memory. 

In May this year, on her 26th birthday, she received a call from her brother-in-law that she had rarely seen in so many years. He only said, "the house has been bought and the job has been arranged for you. Come back and get married." 

One "take" is better than ten "I'll give it to you". 

Sister, brother-in-law wants you to go back and get married. 

I don't know if my sister cried at that time, but I did. 

I know my tears are low and futile. I cried badly at that time. 

I saw my sister's status on the Internet two days ago. I'm going to get married. 

Four simple words once again gave me a huge impact. 

Those nights when we lay in bed together to talk about their stories, the tears of missing and helplessness, the doubts and criticisms of all people, fell apart in front of these four words. 

They now live in a first-tier provincial capital city, and their brother-in-law has reached the middle level in the state-owned enterprise. with the help of his brother-in-law, his sister works in a very good company and gets married in October. 

Those who were not easy and difficult, all turned into full of happiness at this time. 

For four years, for a man with nothing, I don't know what he has experienced, nor how he struggled from zero to such a stage, let alone what made him endure the wind and rain alone, so firmly believe in love? 

For four years, for a young and beautiful woman, I finally understand why she frequently rejects others, but also to use her youth to wait for happiness that she is worth insisting on. 

In such a complicated and impetuous era, how much love can stand and stick to?