Confession is coming, youth is gone-1

/November 2021

My heart throbs as soon as I tell their stories. 

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Youth, confusion, restlessness, madness, to the end, are warm memories. 

Thirteen years, this is a long process of growth, thirteen years, all the youth is slowly fading in these years. 

And for them, what do these 13 years mean? 

Waiting, entanglement, hesitation, are not. 

She is a very quiet girl, sitting silently in the corner of the classroom, and occasionally people may forget her existence. 

But she studies hard and spends a lot of spare time reading and writing. at the end of the semester, the teacher and her classmates are impressed by the exam, and she is a good boy in the eyes of the teacher. 

At this time, the big guy will pay attention to her and often ask for homework advice. 

She became fond of talking and laughing, willing to listen to the joys and sorrows of others, and the students gave a laudatory name, called pistachio. 

On the other hand, he is a naughty troublemaker, gossiping in class, failing to hand in his homework on time, and often causing trouble and fighting in small groups, which makes the headteacher a headache. 

But his humorous and funny personality also pleased the students, and he was in high spirits on the playground. 

There is nothing in common between the two, and the most frequent communication is that the girl urges him to do his homework, or he asks the girl to plagiarize it. 

So light graduation, the contact between students is also reduced, in the end, many students almost no contact. 

Running around, getting married, and having children, he lost more than ten years of youth in the blink of an eye. 

High-tech stuff is easy to use, what WeChat group, moments, all of a sudden to bring the world so close. 

They met again 13 years later in the classmate group. When he said hello to the girl, the girl almost forgot that there was such a classmate in the class at that time. She thought for a long time and asked the other students, and finally remembered something. 

I didn't see you for many years, and I suddenly got in touch with each other, and I felt extremely kind. 

Maybe it's the growth of the mind, maybe it's the training of the years. In short, this kind of feeling can only be realized after graduation. 

They talked amicably about their lives and work and seemed to finish what they had said for so many years in one breath. 

Suddenly the boy said, "you are my first love. I haven't forgotten you for so many years." 

The girl leaned back and forth with a smile. "what are you talking about?" 

When we were in school, we seldom talked, and we still had our first love. Why didn't I know that you were in love silently? "the boy said very seriously," it's not that you don't know my situation at that time. You're so good, and I'm a student my teacher hates. How dare I confess my love to you? " 

Even if I confess my love, you will certainly scold me, so I put up with it. " 

The girl continued to smile, "well, now I have received your belated confession, thank you!" 

I thought this was the end of the comedy, but the story is just the beginning. 

Whenever the boy is free, he will talk to the girl about Wechat, which often makes the girl smile from ear to ear. 

He suggested that the girl should take a stroll around the city where he stayed, but due to family, children, work, and other reasons, a walk-and-go trip has not been realized. 

One day the boy mentioned that he wanted to see the girl again, and the girl said casually, "if you want to see me, come back and see me." 

"are you serious? 

You're not missing me when I'm back, are you? " 

The boy asked excitedly, "how could that be?" 

At least it is an old classmate. What a good thing it is to get in touch with each other! 

What's more, we haven't seen each other for more than a decade. I don't know if we can recognize each other. " 

The girl replied at the speed of her cell phone.