Confession is coming, youth is gone-2

/November 2021

Everything returned to a quiet life. 

This afternoon the girl went to work, as usual, suddenly she received a phone call from the boy, asked her specific location, he came back! 

The girl was very surprised that the guy was so out of tune that he didn't bother to believe him. 

But the boy's tone is not a joke, the girl at the front desk of a hotel to do cashier work, booked a room for the boy, the specific location sent to him. 

The boy appeared in front of the girl in less than ten minutes, shouting the girl's nickname and shaking hands politely. 

The two people usually call each other's nicknames, and people who don't know the situation don't understand their relationship. 

After exchanging pleasantries for a while, the boy's phone rang again. It must have been those friends who told him to go for a drink. 

The girl didn't let him drive and told him to drink less and come back early to have a rest, but he promised. 

The girl waited until the wee hours of the morning to see a taxi coming down a drunken man, staggering, but heading in the opposite direction to the hotel. 

The girl ran out, and a car on the other side galloped past and almost killed the boy. He couldn't tell the difference between east and west. The girl screamed, "what are you doing?" 

Want to die? "the boy couldn't help laughing." those bastards poured me too much wine, but don't worry, I know it in my heart. " 

The girl helped him to the room, the short sleeves drenched and smelled of beer. 

Persuaded him to take off his clothes, rubbed a few handfuls to dry, boiled the tea, and fed it to him. 

Suddenly the boy grabbed the girl's hand and said with red eyes, "do you know?" 

How did I get here all these years? 

No one knows the pain in my heart, no one can be like this, I am drunk can comfort me, listen to me, no, really no …... 

I have done business several times and failed several times, but I am not discouraged. I quit gambling last year. No one told me to touch it. Now I try to run my supermarket. 

But I'm too tired. I'm really tired. " 

As he spoke, he buried his head low. 

The girl kept comforting him and told him to lie down and have an early rest. 

He hugged the girl and kissed her on the lips and cheek, and the girl pushed him away from a little angrily. "you're drunk tonight. I don't want to argue with you. I'll talk to you when you wake up." 

The boy hugged the girl more tightly. "I didn't drink too much. I was trying to fulfill a wish for the past 13 years. Today it finally came true. I confessed my love to my first love and kissed her. Although I was forced to kiss her, I had no regrets." 

At this age, if we don't go crazy, we'll be old. 

I don't have any other evil thoughts. I hope that by the time we are 50, we can sit together and drink tea and chat, watch our children and grandchildren play and chase, or turn a hula hoop. " 

The girl asked him to let go in a strong tone, and he grabbed the girl's left hand and hit him hard in the face. "I know my behavior is reckless, you hit me, you hit me hard, I am willing to accept your punishment." 

The girl moved him to bed, tucked him in, and left in a hurry. 

The next day, when he woke up drunk at ten o'clock, he sent a message of apology to the girl. The girl replied faintly, let the pure classmate love stay forever, and never accepted any of his requests. 

When it was getting dark, he called the girl and said, "you stand by the side of the road and let me take a look at you and I'll go, okay?" 

Unable to withstand his imploring, the girl agreed. 

I really took a deep look, and the car rolled up the dust and drove away. 

At this moment, I do not know whether his tears are dripping down and whether his heart is happy or sad, no one can guess. 

The girl woke up the next day to see a Wechat was sent at 2: 00 in the morning, I have arrived safely, thank you in my life, thank you!

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