Different places

/November 2021

Maybe the boy fell in love with the girl from the first time he saw her. 

At that time, they were all teenagers. 

The precocious girl does not have this unattractive boy at all, but she is still willing to regard it as a beautiful memory of her girlhood. 

In a flash, three years have passed. 

The girl went to high school, which was for college. 

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The boys' grades are only enough to go to vocational colleges, and they are doomed to have no chance to hold hands. 

Next, the girl went to college and the boy drove a taxi. 

After that, the girl went abroad, and her blog was full of photos she had taken abroad, suddenly Germany, France, Belgium, and now and then she was accompanied by blond and blue-eyed foreign boyfriends. 

There is no doubt that boys and girls have completely become people of two different worlds. 

Later, it was a period of "later" that no one witnessed. 

People who know boys and girls find that boys are looking for every opportunity to go abroad. 

The target is France, where the girl lives, refusing the visa, then any country in Europe, or refusing the visa, followed by South Korea, Japan, Malaysia. 

The boy thinks very simply, it doesn't matter which country he goes to, the important thing is that he must go out first before he can follow the girl. 

The boy who has been defeated again and again is still indomitable. 

Everyone around him advised him to give up. 

She doesn't love you. 

She doesn't have you in her heart. 

She already has a boyfriend. 

You mean nothing to her. 

You were supposed to trust the moon, but Change wanted to quit. 

The boy did not listen, and what he followed at this time was no longer the girl with two pigtails, but his love, his dream, his whole life. 

Nineteen years have passed since the first glance. 

The boy who was driving a taxi while listening to a teaching disc finally got an impressive score of 5.5 in IELTS, and Australia will usher in an infatuated Chinese man. 

At the farewell reception, some congratulated the boy on finally realizing his dream, while others predicted that this was only the first step in the long march. 

The once young boy is now in his prime, and now he stumbles drunkenly, picks up the microphone, and sings "I am a little bird", singing both solemn and stirring and happy. 

I can't imagine how this pursuit of love will end, maybe it's just a memory related to love.