Do you remember that time-1

/October 2021

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Across the long river of memory, that section of love hidden in the bottom of my heart, so emerged in my mind, dust smoke like a dream, that beautiful encounter like a breeze, who will remember that flower butterfly dance day, that section is engraved with countless moving days. 

Think carefully that fate is really a wonderful thing, seemingly beautiful, but sometimes so cruel, once thought that the end of time, but a broken dream of nothingness, when love is far away, I can only listen to the direction when it comes, and try to find the fragrance in my memory. 

Thousands of miles apart, this is a stranger at the end of the world, a word of fate, a falling in love with each other, the sun is in full bloom, and the flowers are in full bloom in spring. 

Heart, embracing love in the depths of time, turning into the rhythm of the heart, the whispering of the wind, slowly swirling the dream in the heart, caring for the dust, delicate fragrance, the fate of life, blossoming gorgeous flowers, shallow overflow of your fragrance. 

No matter who is right or wrong, meet thousands of miles, hold the clarity of a spring water with you, carry a ray of gentle breeze, watch butterfly flying dance, listen to the voice of the years, let the warmth of cherish flow slowly in time. 

Years, light with the pace of progress, unconsciously spent one spring and autumn after another, and the love of the appointment with the passage of time and increasingly dim, the twinkling of an eye has entered late autumn, this season is beautiful, but also war. 

Wind blowing leaves, inadvertently, how many affectionate, rain flying, inadvertently, rendering a number of desolate, a faint thoughts wandering infinitely in the heart, after all, the song finally dispersed, close your eyes, miss you, the heart is infinitely sad, maybe this is fate. 

Once upon a time, I had a lot of fantasies about love, looking forward to meeting a different man, looking forward to one day coming to me through thousands of mountains and rivers, holding my hand, integrating love into life, pouring a lifetime of tenderness, day and night with me, frost-dyed white hair with me, no time to erase the passion, no wealth, no happiness, no sweet words, no sweet words. 

I just want to be with you. 

The world of mortals, ups and downs, we can face together, you and my love is with time.