Do you remember that time-2

/October 2021

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Always feel that I am lucky, the vast sea of people met you, met the person I love most in my life. 

I don't know what's good about you or what's special about you. I just feel that the days with you are beautiful. I said I would like to leave my life and follow you to the ends of the earth. You said that the wind and dust allowed me to be gentle all my life. Wisps of warmth seeped into the depths of my soul, and a trace of love rippled in time. 

Looking at you, guarding you, but feel that time is always in a hurry, do not see enough of your affection, love is not enough between your eyebrows, so, finally do not regret every moment of falling in love with you, happiness, tears or wet corners of the eyes, heart clear, fruitless love, but has flowed in life, but also fragrance, but also unforgettable. 

Always feel that the relationship between you and me is too short, a commitment, an unforgettable, deeply loved you. 

The sadness of the years, listen to the distant direction, the mournful sky, you just disappear in my world, you once said to me, although can not accompany with me in the world of mortals day and night, but your heart will always be with me, you will put your love to me, rooted in the depths of my heart, will not leave, will not go far. 

What you said, I remember clearly, because I remember too much, how many times I fell into the abyss of pain, struggling, flickering days, leaving only a lonely figure, a tired soul, nowhere to rely on, nowhere to hide. 

If I hadn't left you, I wouldn't have known my fragility, still less would I have seen such a messy self. I couldn't remember when I fell in love with the night, maybe the day I met, or the night I left. 

Countless tireless chats, countless eyes looking at each other, those nights spent with you are so sweet and warm, the kind of invisible touching and warmth wandering in the depths of my heart, these are what you have given me. 

Although we have been separated by a screen, block the constant deep love, but also block the incessant feelings, looking at each other, as if to see their own, so pure, so sincere. 

I always feel that we are the most well-matched couple and the most tacit couple. You are always so considerate and considerate. Your affectionate words are deeply imprinted on the bottom of my heart. When I leave every night, I pay attention to safety. I feel very happy. I still remember it now, and I haven't forgotten it.