Do you remember that time-3

/October 2021

Do you still have to meet us for the first time? 

At that time, your smile was mild and clear, polite and modest, and you catered to a slightly indifferent me with a sunny posture. In fact, you know, it was not indifference, it was tension at first sight, it was a little apprehension at first sight. 

Do you know? 

Facing a real you for the first time, so close to you, so close to you, I felt kind at first glance, I knew at first glance that you were the truest expectation in my heart, and your frown and smile touched my heartstrings. I, who pretended to be calm, had already bloomed my heart and was intoxicated for you. For so many years, I finally had the honor to meet someone close to my heart, and the warmth of my heart poured into my heart. 

It turns out that I do not like to walk alone, but can not find a person to rely on, the wind is light, quiet beauty, you just appear in my life, that kind of feeling, as melodious as a song, as pleasant as tea, as beautiful as a dream. 

Time together, is so sweet and beautiful, shopping when you always hold my hand, guard me, there is your breath around, how to walk do not feel tired. 

We also bought that white T-shirt together. I didn't say much at that time, but dear, it really looks good on you. When you don't pay attention, I always secretly look at you. I really like every minute and every second I spend with you. At that time, we were so happy and enviable. 

At this moment, such as the past, slowly floating, those profound pictures let me miss, but also let me feel distressed, the days with you have never felt lonely, with your company, your figure, my world is always full of peace and joy. 

All because meeting too beautiful, you and I still can not escape the cruelty of parting, how much I want to turn into dust, drift with you, want to walk with you, sit and watch the flowers blossom in front of the court, laugh at the clouds and clouds on the horizon, but this is the reality. We just disappear in each other's world, leaving nostalgia and deep regret. 

The love between you and me is scattered on the ground like fallen leaves, bright and sad, embellished with loneliness, and a slight pain in your heart. it turns out that you have already gone far away, the agreed heaven and earth is old, the agreed situation remains the same, turn around, but they have their own ends of the world. 

You and I across thousands of mountains and rivers, the story between us, flying in the autumn Yingying picture, has become a sad broken dream, loving encounter, sad ending, read your name thousands of times, think more, hug into your arms again, so that sad eyes, become as clear as the spring, no longer dim. 

Time is easy to go away, gradually understand that a lot of love is not as easy as to say, or you give all, in exchange for only a vague silhouette, no matter how much retention and reluctance can only increase their own only a little humble, maybe never have, how can there be eternity? 

There are always too many regrets and too many parting in life. I suddenly feel that nothing is eternal, and the only thing left is the familiar face in my memory and the good time I spent together.

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