Do you remember that time-4

/October 2021

A person's day is always silent, looking at the white clouds in the sky, walking quietly under an uninhabited sky, some people, gently from your life close and far, but like smoke clouds, gradually dispersed, without leaving a trace; some people, although only a brush around the corner, but leave a deep impression in the depths of the heart, and even miss life. 

No matter how many degrees of spring and autumn, the heart will still leave that shallow warmth, every midsummer, the memory of you will always wave to me not far away, that smile, still bright as before. 

Dear, do you still remember that time? 

When a person, whether there is a memory will hover in your mind when you calm down, whether you can hear my noise, whether you will also think of the time, there will be a trace of moisture in the corner of the eye, maybe you will not be as active as before, do not care as much as before, but, please remember, love has come, your world I have come, let once that fragrance permanently stored in the memory, occasionally think of. 

Will also be so warm, so happy. 

Dear, do you still remember that time? 

Those bits and pieces, those happy and sad intertwined, guarding the lonely years, I no longer expect to hold your hand, only wish you in the future, is happy, but also happy, no matter how time goes by, I will always pray for you and bless you at this end of the horizon. 

The moment your name is engraved in my heart, you are the love of my life. Dear, your happiness is my greatest comfort and expectation. 

The world of mortals years, the old is the face, the memory still stays in the youth flying years, become an eternal scenery, with you that period, will also be embedded in my life, silently accompany me through this season after season of years. 

Unforgettable at that time you do not give up, unforgettable at that time your exhortation, unforgettable your heartache and pity, the encounter of this life, infatuated love. 

I don't want to say goodbye to you, standing at both ends of the horizon, looking back at that old-time, looking back at that old-time, longing to see you in a certain city, on a street corner, around the corner, feeling sorry for you, dying for you, reading for you all my life, etc., dear, do you still remember that time? 

Tonight will miss crushed, into the ink, written between the lines, so that love is no longer alone …...

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