Don't deceive love

/September 2021

The girl has a Zhang Xiuqing face and an understanding heart and looks so lovely. However, God is unfair to her. When she was still in cardamom, her eyes went blind because of a serious illness. Later, she joined the disabled orchestra in the city. She played the violin very well, her arms were light and comfortable, and the intoxicating melody flowed out.  

He is a famous young writer in the city. He has limped on one leg since he was a child and limped when he started. 

At an art exchange meeting for disabled youth held in the city, he heard her playing the piano, so he got to know her, and then he fell in love with her. He asked the girl to marry him many times, but the girl cleverly bypassed the topic.  

On the evening of Valentine's Day, he proposed to the girl again. This time, the girl suddenly recognized the truth and said, "Please send me a bunch of roses first, and then I will consider whether I can promise you."  

So he excitedly took the girl to the flower shop on the street. He wanted to pick the most beautiful roses for the girl, although she could see nothing.  

They went to several flower shops in a row, but they all got the same answer: "The roses have already been sold out."  

At first, he was calm, but then he gradually became uneasy. If even such a simple condition could not satisfy the girl, the marriage proposal would inevitably have no result.  

When he entered a flower shop again, he began to beg the flower girl to find a way to help him find a bunch of roses and told the flower girl the story between him and her. The flower girl pulled him aside and told him, "In fact, you don't have to look any further. Valentine's Day is almost like this every year. Roses are very popular. No flower shop has roses at this time." Then the girl said to him, "I have a kind of rose here, which is very similar to a rose. As long as the thorns on the branches are cut off, it's hard to tell. Why don't you buy a bunch for her? Besides, she can't see it. If she is happy, she may promise you."  

But he shook his head obstinately and said, "What she wants is roses. I won't lie to her. There is something, but there is nothing. I don't know the outcome, but love can't be deceived."  

When he saw another flower shop across the street, he asked the girl to sit in the flower shop and wait for him. When he came back, he looked disappointed and said to the girl, "Let's go to another flower shop again?"  

"Forget it!" The girl said, "It's getting late. Besides, after looking for several flower shops, I'm tired."  

He saw the disappointed expression on the girl's face.  

After a pause, he picked up the girl and said, "I'll take you home."  

He seldom spoke along the way, so he couldn't satisfy the girl's simple request, let alone expect her to promise to marry him. When they parted, he turned and walked out of a few steps. Suddenly, the girl called him, "You forgot one thing."  

"Forget what?" He asked.  

"What you want to do most today, have you forgotten?" The girl asked.  

"I want to ask you if you want to marry me, but ..."  

"You haven't asked yet." Said the girl.  

"So, will you?" As if a ray of sunshine shone into his heart, he seemed to see that the door of hope was slowly opening.  

Pass the girl into his hand and solemnly nod. "The girl in the flower shop told me that you said it so well that love cannot be deceived."  

Two months later, he married her.  

If you don't cheat on love, you will eventually get true love.

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