Don't let the rose wither

/September 2021

In 1998, I was studying in Russia. On Valentine's Day that year, Moscow was very cold, the temperature reached MINUS 38°C, and the sky was full of snow. Nevertheless, the vendors who sell roses keep walking through the streets, making the token of love burn endlessly, warming those who are in love.

I'm an exception. Those roses will only make me colder because I was blown to the edge of love by the whirlwind of brokenheartedness. I began to wonder, how many lies are mixed in the snow of this flying oath?

Don't let the roses wither. I came out of the sad cafe where I just broke up with Ye. How ironic, it should be a festival for lovers to hold hands, but I chose to go our separate ways. I walked away without looking back. I knew it was over. Just like the footprints behind me, I walked by and was covered with thick snow. I forgot.

I walked aimlessly through the tide of roses and lies, unable to dock.

"Buy a bunch of flowers, sir."

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An old woman dressed very thinly tugged at my skirt with her withered hand.

"How much is a bunch?" I casually asked 1.

"Look at it, feelings can't be priced, can they?"

I'm slightly Zheng, I didn't expect her to say such a thought-provoking word. I looked up at her, and the cold wind froze her face to the color of sauce meat, but it didn't stop her from smiling at me.

Her stall is full of red roses, but business is not good.

I picked out a rose and thought of my failed love, so I threw 1 kopeck into her cardboard box containing money. "My feelings are worth the money.". I shrugged and said like a scoundrel.

That amount is equivalent to giving alms to a beggar.

I hold the flowers in my hand, and no one can send them. I felt that the rose was extremely dazzling, and seemed to mock me with its nobility. I threw it into the air with all my might, and the red petals fell along with the snowflakes in the street.

At this moment, the old woman selling flowers caught up with me from behind, and I think my actions insulted her. "I made a wish on every petal". She complained, "You shouldn't waste flowers like this."

"But," I mumbled something, "no one wants my roses anymore," I told her about the love that had just failed.

"Go and bring the girl who upset you, and I'll tell you a story." She said in a slightly commanding tone.

I hesitated, but I rang Ye's phone. Leaves are coming in snow.

"Children," said the old woman, "this is a well-known story here, but you Chinese may not have heard it. If it's not too annoying, I'll tell you something. " I nodded with Ye.

"During the Great Patriotic War," she said, "we used to be a battlefield here. A young man and a woman who had just got married were forced to separate. The man wanted to defend the motherland. Before leaving, he said to her, just wait for me in this house, and I will definitely come back.

"The battle was cruel. A year later, their hometown became the front line. According to the instructions of the superior, all the local people must evacuate, but she didn't leave. She remembered their agreement that she would stay in the house and wait for him to come back.

"She became a nurse at the front line, and this house became a battlefield hospital. She braved the bullets and rain with the medical staff on the battlefield, carrying the injured soldiers away one by one and burying the dead soldiers one by one.

"After the war ended, the heroic Soviet people won the final victory, but the losses were heavy, and the whole country was immersed in mourning for their loved ones. She stayed in that house for one year, two years, and three years. She always held that hope, and she said he would definitely come back. She planted a lot of roses in the house. She dressed the house like heaven. She waited for him to come back, from a young girl to an old woman ... "

"at last, she waited? "I asked at the same time and leaves.

"No, but that hope is like a lamp, shining strongly, shining on her every night. "The old woman went on to say," The roses on this stall are picked from there, and every petal has wishes. I really don't understand you, young people, how can you throw this feeling away? Just like the roses you just threw away, it makes people feel bad ... "

Ye and I both bowed our heads. We saw each other's reddish faces and folded our hands together.

My face suddenly started to burn, and I was embarrassed to buy her roses with 1 kopeck and throw them away. I feel like black ash eager to fly, full of bright snow, full of the pure world, only me, this black ash which is extremely uncoordinated. I want to fly, but I can't escape without wind.

I thought of a way to make up for my mistakes. I said to Ye, "Let's help her sell flowers. “

We found a wooden board and wrote a very poetic sentence on it: Moscow doesn't believe in tears but believes in roses.

Good people came one after another and bought a bunch of roses.

When it was getting dark, only two roses were burning on our stall.

"It's providence, children," said the old woman. "Look at these last two roses. These are yours. You should always be together, shouldn't you? “

Ye and I took the two flames, and our gaze melted many snowflakes. We walked back from the back of love step by step, gradually to the sunny morning, and gradually to the strawberry spring.

The old woman led us into a house as beautiful as heaven. The huge house was filled with flowerpots in full bloom.

"isn't that the hero in the story is you? "I asked like I found a myth.

"No, she has already passed away. I am already the twelfth person to live in this house. She said on her deathbed that no matter who lives in this house, please fulfill the obligation of waiting for her and don't let those roses wither. “

The old woman went on to say, "Every Valentine's Day, I take some roses to sell. I want to save some money to repair the house. I can't stay long. That's all I can do. “

Ye and I thought of living in this house almost at the same time, where there is endless love that never dies. It makes our cold hearts thaw slowly, and makes all tomorrow warm as spring in its flame. I believe that I will eventually stand up as a tenacious rose, defeat lies with vows, and call back true love with true love.