Don't like rivers and mountains, love beauties

/November 2021

The love story between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson is world-famous. 

Born in Baltimore in 1931, Wallis Simpson and her second husband, British businessman Ernest, became acquainted with Edward, then a prince, with a fascination with high society, and often participated in the prince's various movements. 

At first, the prince did not pay much attention to Wallis, a less outstanding woman, and as the prince's interest in his lover Simar grew colder, especially after he discovered that Simar was having an affair with Prince Alikhan, the only son of Ismail Muslim leader Aga Khan, he turned his attention to Wallis and was soon fascinated by the 37-year-old woman. 

"the only reason why I am interested may be my American independence, my frankness, my sense of humor, and my optimism or curiosity about him and everything related to him. 

He was lonely, and maybe I was the first to see the loneliness in his heart, "said the memoir of the Duchess of Windsor. 

Manson Churchill also commented on the prince's relationship with Wallis: "he likes to be with her and gets the happiness he wants from her qualities, just as she needs fresh air." 

In January 1936, Edward, Prince of Wales, succeeded to the throne and became King Edward VIII. 

The important task of state affairs did not diminish his love for Wallis, and he announced to the royal family that he would marry Wallis. 

At this time, Wallis and her husband Ernest's divorce banquet is also on the agenda. 

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Edward VIII's decision met with strong opposition from both the government and the public, and they could not accept a woman who had been married twice as queen. 

After many failed negotiations, Edward VIII decided to abdicate to complete this unprecedented marriage. 

Under pressure from the royal family, the prime minister and the press (Wallis was also hunted by early British paparazzi), Edward VIII abdicated to become Duke of Windsor and finally married Wallis in France in 1937. 

About losing his throne and never returning to his country, the Duke of Windsor said to Wallis, "Don't regret it. I have no regrets." 

All I know is that happiness is always on you. "