Dont shed tears for those who give up on you

/October 2021

No time can't be squeezed out, only miss that I don't care about. 

No forever cannot be realized, only feelings that will not be cherished. 

Originally, no time is not want to have time, do not cherish is do not want to cherish! 

Lost things, come back is no longer needed; lost feelings, come back is no longer important. 

Not all people can wait for you in place, and not all feelings can be recovered. 

Some people don't fight or make noise. it's not necessarily that they don't love, but they must be hurt. 

Some people are silent, not necessarily gone, but must be left out in the cold. 

Love is true, so it hurts deeply; waiting for a long time, so much disappointment. 

There is no leaving for no reason, no overnight loss. 

You do not care, only the fate of drifting away; you do not care, only weaker and weaker feelings …... 

Don't wait for someone to leave, don't cry; don't wait for love to fade away. 

Friends, do not wait for you to find it when you need it; feelings, not to understand each other's good after you miss it. 

To get along for a long time is to pay for each other; eternal friendship is to cherish each other! 

The moon that cannot be reached is always the most beautiful; the wind that cannot be caught is always the fastest, and those who cannot get it are always the best. 

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it will be in vain. 

No matter how deep the feelings do not belong to you, it is also empty talk. 

People who go far don't have to chase, they should be dignified. 

There is no need to regret the discrete love, and there should be a bottom line for the relationship. 

Time is the best filter. 

Took away the short-term tenderness, leaving a long time together. 

Get rid of the illusory possession and screen the real friends. 

The eyes see who goes, and the heart knows who is good and who is bad. 

Because: those who love you are reluctant to leave; those who love you do not have the heart to hurt you! 

Don't chase the car if you can't catch it, it's in vain; don't wait for those who can't come, it's a waste of thought. 

I miss you after thousands of calls, and I can't call someone who won't talk to you. 

Looking forward to full of regret, but also can not look forward to the heart without you. 

If others are ungrateful, why should you be infatuated; if others are indifferent, why should you act again and again? 

Feelings can not fight, those who love you will never leave, those who do not love you can only bring you harm. 

When the car is far away, there is another one; when people are gone, there is another one. 

In this world, anyone who leaves has to live, and he wants a more wonderful life! 

People who love you won't let you lose badly. 

Those who love you will not let you have tears in the corners of your eyes. 

People who understand you won't make you feel lonely and helpless. 

Love is very simple, as long as companionship; pain is easy, only pity; understand is very ordinary, as long as warm. 

People who turn around and walk away when you are lonely, when you are in trouble, when you are in pain, and who are enthusiastic at the moment. 

Only when you are sad, in need, when frustrated, do not leave and never give up, is the one who is affectionate all his life. 

Don't look at the surface, the sincerity of the heart is the most important. 

Don't listen to sweet words, it will take a long time to know who is the best! 

People who want to find you can find you all over the world. 

Those who are willing to wait for you will wait for you in their old age. 

The reason for getting off midway is not that the scenery is not beautiful enough, but that the heart is not enough. 

Turning around halfway is not how shallow fate is, but how deep the feelings are. 

The person who laughs with you may not be able to cry with you. 

But the one who cries with you will laugh with you. 

Don't shed tears for those who give up on you, it's not worth grieving. 

Don't regret the loss, there's no need to indulge in it. 

When you go through some things, you can always see some people clearly; if you see some people clearly, you can always understand some feelings. 

Remember one sentence: those who love you will not go; those who do not love you will not stay!

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