Engraved in the depths of your memory

/October 2021

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I often think of the river over the dyke, where the twilight falls and someone passes by, someone sings the popular song, and the wind comes from the past life and delights you to me. 

The most beautiful scenery is when you smile. 

Willow catkins bring the fragrance of day lilies, I pestered you to take me to appreciate the elegance of day lilies, and you always follow my heart and take me to the old wall where I used to go when I was a child. 

Spring breeze blowing, Hemerocallis also danced with it, my mischievous blow, Hemerocallis covered your simple body. 

You smiled vaguely, like a clear lake, over the bottom of your heart, from you holding my hand, took me to an old tree, engraved our names, and happily said to me, in the future, you will bring me here again to dance with day lilies and listen to birds sing. 

The sun is setting, brimming with joy and happiness. 

The sweetest song, when you sing. 

I crumpled up the paper full of red crosses, vented all my grievances on the paper, and threw it on the way home. 

You picked up the test paper that I discarded, patted the dust on it, hurried to me, and asked me affectionately, "are you all right?" 

I told you all my sufferings along the way, and you patted me on the shoulder and told me how I had failed. 

You took my hand and sang my favorite song, singing around me, and I walked with you in the river that overflowed the dam. At that time, at dusk, I was filled with the power of struggle and dependence on you. 

The happiest time is when I walk side by side with you. 

Walking with you in the busy streets, colorful lights beat on your face, you told me the anecdotes of society, and I shared with you the wonders of the world. You said that when you grew up, you would go with me to see if there were seagulls flying in the wooden fields and Hokkaido hidden in the snow. 

Because of you, I know the meaning of struggle, but also have the motivation to move forward. 

There are stars and fireflies all over the sky, and you are one of the stars that shines on me. 

At that time, in the moonlight, I walked side by side with you in the street, brimming with gratitude. 

You occupy the unique position in my heart, you have become my exclusive memory, engraved by me in the depths of memory, spring breeze ten miles, it is you.