Everyone I like is just like you-1

/October 2021

I know that when the seed called "love" sprouts in my heart, I lose, and I am willing to bow down. 

The first night I broke up with you, I pretended to be very happy, and I still played happily with my friends. I went home and locked the door. I really couldn't help it. I sobbed silently, crying and recalling, the chocolates you gave me, the quiet path you walked side by side with me, you and I sat on the ground and looked up at the starry sky, and the heavy rain that you and I had caught together. 

You kissed the lips of my neck and fell asleep thinking about me, and you were naturally late the next day. 

The second night I broke up with you, instead of going for a walk with my friends as usual, I went straight home. After taking a bath, I sat on the bed and thought of what I asked you. You hesitated a few times and said I didn't like it. Since I didn't like why I touched my heartstrings in the first place, tears slowly fell from my eyes. I didn't find out until I dropped in the palm of my hand. 

I cried, 

On the third night of breaking up with you, I listened to the whole night of "Don't say you love me when I'm lonely." 

On the fourth night of breaking up with you, I confessed to you for my friend. I thought I could cross this hurdle. Unexpectedly, my heart began to beat violently at the moment I saw you, but I still pointed to my friend and said that she likes you. 

Then I left. My friend asked me what you said. I said he didn't say anything. 

On the fifth night of breaking up with you, you went out with your friends and saw you walking side by side. I jokingly said, my heart hurts so much, and then I sprained my ankle. I knew that my leg was weak. I stood under the tree until you went back to the dormitory after your date with your friends. My friends and I went for a walk. My friends told me that you kissed. 

On the sixth night of breaking up with you, it rained that day. I took off my shoes and walked on the cold ground barefoot. I felt no pain and walked in the rain for 20 minutes.

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