Everyone I like is just like you-2

/October 2021

On the seventh night of breaking up with you, my friend and I went to your classroom, found your location, told my friend how to write sour love words to you, and told my friend to carve your name on your desk with a knife, plus the words I like you. 

On the eighth night of breaking up with you, I secretly followed my friends, watching you date, holding hands, and laughing. I tried to ignore the sour feeling in my heart. 

I didn't cry. 

I thought I forgot about you. 

On the ninth night of breaking up with you, I confessed my love to a boy. He said yes. He and I walked hand in hand in front of you and our friends. We looked at the stars together, kissed, hugged, and when we hugged, my tears ran down disgracefully, because I knew he was not you, but his eyes were just like you. 

On the tenth night of breaking up with you, I broke up with him and asked for your qq from my friends. I entered your qq number again and again, but no matter how many times I typed it, I still didn't dare to click and add friends. 

I have thought countless times about what would happen to us if we hadn't broken up. I thought about a thousand endings, but I woke up every day, oh, we would have broken up a long time ago. 

This is the 1532 day I miss you. I miss you. 

Since that night, everyone I've loved is like you, but not you.

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