Find a lover who is emotionally stable

/October 2021

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Less emotion, more tenderness; less quarrel, more heart-to-heart talk. 

Good love begins with controlling your temper. 

Once talked to a golden bachelor and asked him what kind of woman he liked. 

He simply said four words: emotional stability! 

He went on to explain that emotional stability is a threshold. No matter how beautiful and capable a woman is, she will take care of her baby again, but if she is too emotional, she can't afford to wait on her. 

Many women agree with the importance of "emotional intelligence", but do not know that "emotional stability" is the most basic and important part of emotional intelligence. 

If you can talk, add 10 points; be sociable, add 10 points; be good at sleeve dancing, add 10 points, but if you often lose control of your emotions, deduct 100 points! 


In real life, there are still many people who would rather be controlled by their emotions than take the initiative to control them. 

As soon as Xiaokan graduated, he went to Shenzhen with his classmates. 

Five years later, her classmate had become the department manager of the company and had a house and a car in Shenzhen, but she didn't even have a stable job and no savings in her bank card. In the most embarrassing time, she was kicked out by the landlord because she couldn't pay the rent for several months in a row. 

It is not that she is incompetent and talented, but that she is emotional. 

If there is a disagreement at work, he will pat the table and leave. 

Instead of trying to find a solution to the problem, she let her emotions control her actions. 

She has been in love several times, each with a 100% commitment, but each time it fails because no one can stand her emotional and hysterical feelings. 

Unemployment, lovelorn, in fact, she "did" by herself. 

She freed her emotions into a beast and ended up hurting others and herself. 


Being emotional and out of control is a very dark force that sometimes engulfs everything. 

A friend, recently divorced, the child is only 3 months old. 

He said that the short marriage life can be summed up in one sentence: a word of disagreement and a direct riot. 

The wife has a bad temper and is at risk of stepping on a landmine at any time. 

She made a table of dishes, and when he made some suggestions, she got angry and said, "it's not delicious, is it? make it yourself!" 

Then he slapped the chopsticks on the table and left angrily. 

Once after a quarrel with his wife, he went to cook and went back to his room to drink water when he suddenly found a ball of toilet paper in the cup filled with water. 

Once driving on the highway, quarreling again, my wife hit the window with her hand, so impulsively that she almost opened the door and jumped out of the car. 

The most serious one was a dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, in which the wife held a knife to her neck and roared, "if you say it again, I'll hack myself to death!" 

Friends say that when I get home every day, I feel like going to hell step by step, physically and mentally exhausted, and I have nothing to love. 

Extremely emotional people are depressed too deeply because of anger and inferiority. 

This kind of anger is not to the outside world but dissatisfied with oneself, powerless to control the world, the physical age has reached adulthood, but the psychological age is still a child. 


There is a famous rule called Festinger's law: 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, while the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens. 

In other words, 10% of the things in life are beyond our control, while the other 90% are things we can control. 

When something happens, do you face it with peace and calmness, or do you let the impulsive devil control it? 

It's up to you to decide all this. 

If you think that your emotional and bad temper will hurt yourself and the person you love most, it's best to calm yourself first and then calm down! 


Perhaps women are more emotional than men and are more sensitive to external stimuli, so women seem to be more emotional. 

However, this is not a reason why you can be self-willed. 

Because being emotional consumes not only yourself but also others. 

Worry about gain and loss, rob the sky and rob the earth, tear the heart and lung, this kind of emotion is a disaster, making marriage and family restless. 

Emotionally stable people will not lose their temper for an unintentional remark; they will not go up to heaven and go to the ground for a while; they will not pour their negative energy into the people around them; they will not let the people around them be frightened, treading on thin ice, and cautious. 

When you are with an emotionally stable person, you will also feel a peaceful and joyful strength from him or her, and your mood will become better and better as a result. 

The most touching love words are not "I am here", but "I have always been there because of you, and my heart is calm." 

The rest of life is too long, the marriage is difficult, may you and I be emotionally stable lovers of each other, and then join hands for life to laugh at the wind and rain.