Find the frequency that suits you-1

/October 2021

It is wonderful for people to get along with others. It is not because they are self-righteous that they can be recognized by others, nor do they think that they can be recognized by others. The truth that seems easy to understand may not be understood by others. In life and experience, getting along with others certainly needs to be recognized, but you need to face the right person, find the right way, and then spread your frequency to adapt to people who can understand. 

Find another kind of person with the same frequency as yourself. 

Sometimes, an idea that you think is different and wild is regarded as absurd. 

Sometimes, you think a song that sounds good and sounds like nature is considered vulgar. 

Sometimes, people and things that you think look good are considered ordinary. 

Sometimes, what you think you can't put down is considered to have no characteristics. 

Sometimes, when you think you have done very good copywriting, you are considered to have no merit. 

Sometimes, what you say to some people is easily accepted, and then to others, but it cannot be understood. 

Sometimes, if you want to convince a person, what you say is not accepted, but others can say it. 

Sometimes, when you say the same thing, it is thought to be wrong, while others are thought to be right. 

Sometimes, a point of view that you adhere to, which is not accepted at that time, will become a reality one day in the future. 

There are many examples like this. Most of the time, the choice we make is to avoid or question ourselves, but not to delve into the reason. 

If you want to find out why it's not the right time? 

Not enough influence? 

Lack of status? 

Lack of ability? however, everyone has a different growth trajectory at different stages. A person who has worked for two years cannot be required by a standard of ten years of work experience, and not everything comes in a good mood. Not everyone can accept and understand every point of view. 

Maybe, after all, these reasons can be attributed to different "frequencies". No matter the differences and differences in age, experience, preferences, etc., there is no right frequency all the time. Maybe one day, as the experience accumulates, the frequency will change, and the original incoordination will not exist. 

Just like you like a girl (boy), and then hope to deepen mutual understanding and increase each other's understanding through communication and communication, but find that you always stay in: 

You said, "it snows in winter. It's so beautiful." then you put away your umbrella and rushed into the snow. 

She (he) said, "it's snowing. It's cold." then she opened her umbrella and put on her hat. 

Finding someone with the same frequency as yourself can make your work more comfortable and your life happier.

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