Find the frequency that suits you-2

/October 2021

Some people understand the ideas you insist on in your work, your wild Idea can be recognized, your actions will be understood, your mistakes will be forgiven, your good intentions can be found, you will take the initiative to help you share worries when you are tired, and you will take the initiative to help you solve problems when you are busy, and you do not need any words, one look is enough.

How can I find someone with the same frequency as myself? 

Sometimes I especially envy those who know how to draw. They can express their inner feelings and thoughts in their paintings, no matter in pen or ink, and then wait for someone who can understand the artistic conception in the painting. 

Sometimes I especially envy those literati who can use beautiful sentences and articles to express their joys and sorrows, no matter prose or poetry, there are always people who can understand the connotation. 

Sometimes I especially envy those who can sing. They can use catchy melodies to express the joys and sorrows of their life experiences. Whether it is rock hip-hop or classical pop, there are always people who can appreciate its melody. 

Alas, I can't draw, write or sing after all. I think it may be because I'm not good at these expressions, so I can't meet the right person or wait for the right person to appear. 

It is rare to find a bosom friend in life, and it is the hardest to find a bosom friend through the ages. 

On the way of searching, we are all spreading our frequency, and we are also listening to the frequency that may appear at any time, whether you are the bosom friend of others or your bosom friend, please cherish the people around you, because you may broadcast your life as a radio station, travel all over the country, and never get a chance to meet someone who understands you again. 

Maybe your frequency has changed, and he (she) is still standing in the same place, or maybe his (her) frequency has changed, while you are still listening to the songs of the 1970s and watching TV dramas of the 1980s. 

Please forgive me for my incoherence recently. The days filled with anxiety, fear, and fear will go away, and the confused thoughts will slowly return to indifference, and then everything will be the same, pick up the mood and get back on the road.

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