Fleeting years are like water, water is like years

/October 2021

When they knew him, they were still very young, just like the lotus at the beginning of summer, they were all in the bud, and the youth did not know the taste of sorrow, but sighed that every day was always so slow as if there was no end. 

He is dizzyingly handsome, and he is the president of the student union. He is sincere, enthusiastic, and talented. I don't know how many girls have a crush on him, including her. 

She is not only ugly but also short. 

Compared to him at 8 meters, she looks like an ugly duckling. 

Her only advantage is that she is white, a little weak, and adorable. 

Also, she writes well and is the propaganda minister of the student union. 

Like all women who fall in love, whenever she sees him, she bows her head and blushes. 

She picked up the sweater needle for the first time and knitted the sweater carefully. 

When she gave him the poorly crafted sweater, she could see the emotion in his heart, and from that moment on, she got his heart. 

When she leaned against the tall and handsome him, everyone around her looked sideways. 

Her heart was proud, contented, even smug. 

But he can't do it without bitterness. 

The girls around him should be tall, with long hair, and their beautiful features appeal to all the people. 

As a result, he lost his temper for no reason, and she always did not take it to heart, forgiving him for his capriciousness and irrationality. 

But the more he did, the more aggrieved he felt. What he wanted was the unreasonableness of a beautiful girl, the capriciousness and coquettish behavior of a girl. 

The reason for breaking up is too simple. 

A good friend came to see him, with his girlfriend, the girl in a white dress, long legs, watery eyes as transparent and clear as the lake. 

His heart suddenly darkened, and he couldn't be Rochester in Jane Eyre, and the embarrassment was too much for him because he could have had better girls by his side, even if they couldn't write at all. 

She saw his embarrassment and was distressed, wishing she was as beautiful as a flower. 

They didn't spend Christmas together that winter. 

He stopped wearing the sweater she knitted because some beautiful girls bought him the latest style. 

He finally got what he wanted, and found a girl who could act like a spoiled girl by his side, but at some point, he was at a loss. 

Until she graduated from college, she never fell in love again. She always walked alone and went to the library to study hard. 

He didn't know that she solidified all her love into amber, put it in a book, and read it slowly by herself. 

After graduation, she went abroad because of her excellent grades. 

He married the beautiful girl soon, and after the marriage, the girl became an unreasonable woman. 

He doesn't want to go home because there are always endless quarrels. 

Time is like water, time flies, always red cherry green plantain. 

One day, he looked at himself in the mirror and unexpectedly had white hair. Did 10 years pass so quickly? 

She came back to visit her relatives and asked him out to dinner. 

He was surprised to find that she was still young and beautiful. 

Comparatively speaking, he has become an old man with vicissitudes of life. 

She smiled and told him that she had had plastic surgery. 

At that time, I had the operation because of him, and I wanted to find him when I returned home. 

After the operation, she found that love has gone, she is no longer her, changed not only her face but also her heart. 

However, it is too late, when she gives love, he does not want it; when he wants it, she does not love him. 

He was sitting in front of the TV watching boring TV dramas. A boy asked a girl, do you love me? 

The girl said if I don't love you, will I try my best to knit a sweater for you? 

For a moment, he burst into tears. 

The boy in the TV show said to the girl, I love you, too. 

The girl asked, how do you prove it? 

The boy said, if there is a bowl of porridge, I will give it to you. 

His wife laughed sarcastically that all bullshit love was fake. 

He sat blankly, and no one knew the love in the sweater and the bowl of porridge. 

If there is an afterlife, he will certainly say to her: if there is a bowl of porridge, I will give it to you to drink.

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