Forever bills so happy

/September 2021

He has been married to her for 10 years, and there is no impulse or interest between husband and wife. He increasingly feels that he is almost a kind of procedure and obligation to her, and he begins to get tired of her. Especially, a young and lively girl was recruited into the company and launched a crazy attack on him. He suddenly felt that she was his second spring. After much consideration, he decided to divorce her. She seems to be numb, so she promised him calmly, and they walked into the civil affairs department together.

The procedure went smoothly. After going out, the two men were independent free men. I don't know why, he suddenly felt empty in his heart. He looked at her and said, "It's getting late. Let's have some dinner together."

She looked at him: "Well, I heard that a new' divorce hotel' has been opened, which specializes in the last dinner of divorced couples. Why don't we go there and have a look?"

He nodded, and they walked silently into the divorce hotel.

"Good evening, sir and madam." As soon as they sat down in the private room, the waitress came in. "What would you like to eat?"

He looked at her. "You order."

She shook her head. "I don't come out very often. I don't know much about this. Please order it!"

"Sorry, Mr. and Mrs., there is a rule in our divorce hotel. This meal must be ordered by the lady's favorite dish, and the lady's favorite dish is ordered by the gentleman. This is called' last memory'."

"Well, then," she cut her hair. "Steamed fish, stir-fried mushrooms and mixed fungus. Remember, don't put onions, ginger and garlic, my love ... this gentleman doesn't eat these."

"And sir?" The waitress looked at him.

He froze. After 10 years of marriage, he really doesn't know what his wife likes to eat. He stood there with his mouth open. "That's all. In fact, this is what both of us love to eat." She hurriedly started the circus.

The waitress smiled: "To tell the truth, when we come to our divorce hotel to eat this last dinner, all the gentlemen and ladies can't eat anything, so let's not eat this' last memory'! Just drink the dinner specially prepared by our hotel for all divorced people-cold drink bar, which is also the choice that all people who come here do not refuse. "

She and she both nodded: "Let's have a cold drink!"

Soon, the service lady sent two cold drinks, one of which was light blue and full of ice slag; A full cup of ruddy, steaming.

"This dinner is called' half is flame, half is sea water', and the two are slow to use." After the introduction, the waitress retired.

The room was quiet, two people sat opposite each other, and they didn't know what to say at the moment.

"Benedict!" When there was a knock on the door, the waitress walked recently, holding a bright red rose in the tray. "Sir, do you remember the first time you sent flowers to this lady?" Now that everything is over, couples don't become friends, friends should get together well, and finally send a rose to the lady! "

She was shaking all over, and the sight of him sending her flowers 10 years ago reappeared. At that time, they had just come to this friendless provincial capital, with nothing, and everything started from scratch. During the day, they look around for jobs and work hard; In the evening, in order to increase her income, she went to a stall in the evening market, and he went to wash dishes for others. Very late, very late, they went back to the cabin that was less than 10 square meters in the basement. Life is hard, but they are happy. On the first Valentine's Day in the provincial capital, he bought himself the first red rose, and she shed tears of happiness. After 10 years, everything is getting better, but the two people are separated. She thought about it, tears filled her eyes, and she waved her hand and said, "No need."

He also remembered the past ten years, and then he remembered that he had not bought her a rose for five or six years. He waved his hand: "No, I want to buy it."

The waitress picked up the rose, tore it into two halves, and threw it into two people's drink cups respectively. The rose was dissolved in the drink.

"This is a red rose specially made of glutinous rice in our hotel, and it is also the third dish for you, named' reflecting the beauty of the scenery'. Take your time, Mr. and Mrs., and call me directly if you need anything. " Miss service said, turned and went out.

"XX, I ..." as soon as he grasped her hand, some people could not speak.

She smoked her hand, and stopped moving without twitching. The two men looked at each other quietly and couldn't say anything.

"Hey!" All of a sudden, the lights went out, the whole room was dark, the alarm sounded outside, and a smell of smoke floated in.

"What's the matter?" Two people quickly stood up.

"The store caught fire, and everyone immediately walked from the safe passage! Fast! " Outside, someone shouted at the top of his voice.

"Husband!" She threw herself into his arms. "I'm afraid!"

"Don't be afraid!" He hugged her tightly, "my dear, I'm here. Go, go out! "

Outside the private room was brightly lit and orderly, and nothing happened.

The waitress came over and said, "I'm sorry, sir and madam, but I've frightened you both. There was no fire in the hotel, and the smell of smoke was put into the private room. This is our fourth course, called "inner choice". Please go back to the private room. "

He and she went back to the private room, and the lights remained the same. He pulled her: "Dear, the waitress is right. That was the real choice between you and me just now. In fact, none of us can live without anyone. Let's remarry tomorrow? "

She bit her lip. "Will you?"

"I am willing to, I understand everything now, I will go to remarry early tomorrow morning. Miss, pay the bill. " He cried as he spoke.

The waitress came in and handed two people a delicate red list: "Hello, sir and madam, this is your bill, and it is also the last gift of this hotel, called' forever bill'. Please keep it forever."

He looked at the bill, and tears streamed down.

"What's wrong with you?" She hurriedly asked.

He handed her the bill: "Dear, I was wrong, I am sorry for you."

She opened the bill and saw that it said: a warm home; Two laboring hands; Don't extinguish the lights waiting for you to return home at night; Pay attention to the body's embarrassment in the four seasons; Care in every possible way; The smile of a sixty-year-old mother-in-law; Take care of children from the early days; Eight parties maintain your prestige; Nine kitchens for your favorite dish; Ten years for your lost youth ... This is your wife.

"Husband, you have worked hard, and I have been indifferent to you over the years." She also handed him her share of the bill. He opened the bill and saw that it said: a man's responsibility; The burden of shoulders; Tired in the middle of the night; In a hurry; A grievance that cannot be confided; The vicissitudes left on the face; The obligations of seven aunts and eight aunts; Ups and downs; A mortal with nine advantages and one defect; Always love your family ... This is your husband.

Two people embrace together and cry bitterly.

After settling the account, he and she thanked the manager and walked home hand in hand. Looking at their happy back, the manager smiled and nodded: "How happy, our divorce hotel has saved another home!"

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