Frozen love

/September 2021

She can't remember him. Did she freeze herself? Winter is coming, sealing up the enthusiasm of autumn; Love has grown old, and she has frozen memories?  

He encircled her from behind, lowered his head, and nibbled at her naked shoulder.  

This action was so familiar that she stopped her work and turned around to look at him in confusion: "Who are you?"  

"You?" He stepped back and stared at her in disbelief. "Rain is falling, don't you know me?"  

"Who is the rain falling all?" She spat out her tongue at him, very naughty. "My name is Cher!" 

His expression solidified, and suddenly remembered that she had put her face on the glass window, and happily told him to watch the drizzle flying outside, and then asked in confusion: "Will the rain become snow if it freezes?"  

She can't remember him. Did she freeze herself? Winter is coming, sealing up the enthusiasm of autumn; Love has grown old, and she has frozen memories?  

"What do you drink? I'll make it for you. "Thinking of something, she tilted her head and asked," What's your name? "  

"I am the wind. Don't soak anything, just boil water! " He sighed. At this moment, any tea or drink is the same taste as plain boiled water for him, right?  

"The wind?" She put two cups of plain boiled water on the coffee table and giggled and sat down. "I guess you are the autumn wind!"  

"Why?" He sat next to her, habitually raising his hand to hold her in his arms, but when he thought about it, he finally dropped his arm.  

Her little hand gently caressed his cheek, then shaved his brow, and softly disturbed his heart: "You are so melancholy, much like the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves!"  

For this apt analogy, she laughed again, and the innocent and innocent smile made him lose for a moment. She laughed enough, and finally, she was a little embarrassed: "I'm joking, don't be angry!"  

"I will never be angry with you!" He seems to be talking to himself, comforting her, and more like a promise.  

"Really?" She laughed again, her voice was crisp and sweet, as if his promise made her happy.  

He smiled, too. If forgetting can make her live simply and happily, he should have no regrets.  

"Does the rain want you?" Cher's clear eyes swept over his face, and his faint melancholy and lonely smile affected her kindness and tenderness.  

"No, I didn't give her enough confidence and courage," he stared at her, with melancholy and regret in his eyes. "She couldn't live without it, which made her miserable, so she chose to forget."  

"The pain of the rain is falling, I understand!" She said faintly.  

After a moment of silence, I took the cup and took a sip, and the wind whispered in a trembling voice: "It's not because of people. It is the same mood to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss when the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. I just didn't have time to tell her. I've been waiting for her. I'm afraid I hurt her too much. I just stand a little further away. I have no extravagant hopes, and I have enough to get and have! "  

These words are too boring and difficult to understand for Cher, who has a single mind. She tried to listen with wide eyes, and slowly became confused. Later, she covered her mouth with her hand and secretly yawned.  

"Are you sleepy?" He stopped, turned to look at her, and asked with some spoil.  

"Well!" She nodded honestly.  

"Then you rest," he said fondly. "You have lost a lot of weight!"  

"Yes, I'll go to bed!" Cher stood up happily and turned around. "When you go out, help me lock the door!"  

"Did I say I was going?" He looked at her funny.  

"But ..."  

"Every time you ask me to go, I will go; This time I choose not to go, can't I? " He said mockingly, with a hint of self-teasing.  

Cher frowned, and even her small nose wrinkled cutely. "How did you become so shameless?"  

Become heels? He smiled. She still has him in her subconscious, doesn't she? However, she did not point out her language problem, but said gently, "Go to rest, OK?"  

Cher looked at him, the man gave off a familiar smell, it seems that he is completely trustworthy.  

Cher fell asleep and snored slightly. Looking at her charming face, he smiled with relief, still lonely, but more calm and calm. 

He lay on his side with his clothes, lying beside her. She seemed to feel his presence, curled up in his arms, put her head on his shoulder, chose a comfortable position, and went back to sleep sweetly. 

Rain is falling all, you forget me, but your body and soul still remember me! When will you want to remember me? He sighed, straightened her hair, held her in his arms, and went to sleep quietly.

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