Get fat with you

/September 2021

The day I ran into Miss Z in the street, she called out my name for a minute before I found her face from her chubby face. 

I was a little embarrassed that I couldn't recognize her at a glance. 

She didn't mind, she said with a happy smile. She was twenty-jin fatter than she was in high school, and it was normal if she didn't recognize it. 

I hastened to say that it would look better to be fat.  

This is not a compliment, but my truth. 

Miss Z, who had gained weight, looked in high spirits, with happiness in her eyebrows and eyes. 

When we were studying in the county, we didn't know each other very well, and we had little contact after graduation. 

I didn't expect that after seven years, I would run into each other in the provincial capital, and instantly I had a sense of intimacy that I knew when I met in my hometown. 

The two exchanged numbers and chatted briefly for a while. 

When parting, she said enthusiastically, "Why don't you bring your husband to my house for dinner at the weekend, let's get together, and let you have a taste of my Lao Yang's cooking?" 

I gladly agree. 

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When my husband and I knocked on her door on Saturday morning, the smell of the food came to our nostrils. 

Miss Z's husband, Lao Yang, looks chubby just like her. 

The two stood together with a sweet faces. 

We had a hot meal. 

From stir-fried chicken with three peppers to shrimp, soldiers, and crabs, and then to crucian carp tofu soup, each dish is full of praise for my husband and me. With such cooking skills, it is difficult not to be fat. 

But Miss Z said that at first, Lao Yang didn't even know the difference between onions and garlic, not to mention cooking. 

After the two foodies are together, they improve their food in front of the menu every day. 

Over time, Lao Yang's talent in cooking was developed. 

"before Lao Yang, I had an ex-boyfriend who broke up because I could eat too much. 

Only after I met Lao Yang did I know that if someone loves you, I won't mind that you are a foodie. 

True happiness is when two people get fat together. " 

This is the sigh issued by Miss Z to me one day in the soft winter sun. 

I heard dazzling and bright happiness in her words. 

It's nice to get fat with you. 

In this way, you don't have to worry that I will dislike you, and you don't have to worry about us having a different look when we go out. 

Two chubby people together, there will be no disobedience and feeling, or even a unique scenery. 

At this point, I can't help thinking of another pair of foodies, my uncle, and aunt. 

They are always full of enthusiasm in the matter of "eating". 

The most romantic thing in the world is to have someone to accompany you to grow old. 

But the happiest thing is to have someone to accompany you to get fat.