get out of class is over, take your hand and go home

/September 2021

When the bell rang, the students were still listening to Mr. Zhang Mingchi's wonderful lecture with relish. An old man staggered onto the platform from the back of the classroom without noticing. He looked at his wife like a child and smiled quietly and stood beside him. Teacher Zhang looked at the students apologetically, took her hand, took her to the back row and sat down, and then continued to lecture.

This scene was fixed by the students on Weibo, and the simple picture with affectionate explanation made many netizens red-eyed and forwarded over 10,000 at one time. "Teaching and educating people for a lifetime, sticking to love for a lifetime, the story of this old teacher hits the softest part of our hearts ..."

Teacher Zhang is an associate professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. She started taking her wife to class three years ago. At that time, his wife Zhou had a mental system problem, suffered from mild depression, and couldn't live without people for a moment. She often couldn't find her way home, and her recognition was somewhat vague. This worried Teacher Zhang, whose children and grandchildren were not around. In desperation, he did this "last resort"-taking his wife to class.

In class, Teacher Zhang spoke on the stage, while his wife sat in the back and listened very quietly. Perhaps, she can't recognize what her wife is talking about, but the bell in her memory leads her to her wife's side like a continuously cut line. When the bell rings, her wife will take her by the hand and take her home.

"When granny sat around us, we thought they were just a loving couple compared with ordinary old people, because the teacher didn't mention a word about his wife in class, but only took classes seriously. She is also staring at the teacher. " Wu Xingxing, a student who had attended Teacher Zhang's class, talked about his feelings.

"During the break, the teacher will go to his wife. She doesn't talk, she just smiles. When I sat in the back of the classroom in class, my grandmother sat behind me, but I didn't seem to hear her say a word. She just smiled. That kind of happiness and stability is really enviable. "

Teacher Zhang got to know his wife from Shanghai to Zhenjiang in the 1970s, and they have been married for 40 years since 1972. In teacher Zhang's eyes, his wife is hardworking and capable. She used to work in a machinery factory and often operate five machine tools by herself. She also made clothes and shoes and even gave teacher Zhang a haircut.

"My wife used to take care of me. Now I should take good care of her." Teacher Zhang's eyes are firm and gentle.

Every day, they hold hands in class, hold hands in class, support each other, step down the stairs and board the school bus. The two old people sit side by side, and the evening sun shines on their quiet and indifferent faces. Teacher Zhang didn't know that the students behind him looked quietly in the eyes, fearing to break the beauty carved by years.

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