Give to the limit of not complaining

/September 2021

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When it comes to her marriage, her dreams are full of a desire to escape. 

After seven years of marriage, the family ate and drank Lhasa, endless tiring housework, and every parent-teacher meeting taught by the teacher, of course, what made her most desperate was that he, who was always standing on the outside and watching, like a Martian, had nothing to do with the world in her eyes. When she was worried, he still went his own way, which undoubtedly made the grievances in her heart even worse. 

Why is it that in the days of two people, she is the only one who plays the sad old tune day after day? 

Every time she worked, her chagrin and anger could not help but jump up to her flushed face with her busy limbs and then follow her angry heart, which was reflected in a glance between the two thin lips flying up and down. 

At this point, he either regarded her as air or used an excuse to run away. 

His behavior, not only failed to achieve the goal of peace but became the fuse of the war between the two. 

At that time, when he habitually turned around again to escape, the resentment at the bottom of her heart finally collapsed: "I owe you in my last life?" 

If you work hard every day, you will know that you are out of sight and out of mind. What kind of man is he? " 

After a long silence, he finally burst out: "you can quit if you don't want to do it, or you can do it if you don't want to!" 

Did someone force you with a whip? 

Is it interesting to throw dishes and smash bowls at home every day, making chickens and dogs jump? " 

"I won't do it. do you drink the northwest wind and swallow spit as a meal every day? 

I don't care? 

Just stand by and watch your son who is at the bottom of the list come to the bottom every day? " 

His counterattack found a breakthrough for her body and mind, which had been suppressed for a long time. 

After a burst of venting, the man was the first to calm down and said, "in fact, I am grateful for your hard work, but it can be offset in an instant by your complaint." 

Isn't it just a little housework? 

If you are tired, you can work less or not. 

You complain about your pain while you pay, and your family looks at your face every day and lives with fear. 

Since you are complaining because you pay too much, you might as well set yourself a bottom line of not complaining. If you exceed this limit, you will stop there. 

Don't worry, if you do less and careless, I guarantee that the earth will turn the same. " 

She sat there blankly, her head down in silence, but her eyes lit up little by little. 

After that quarrel, she seemed to be enlightened to find the reason for her despair in her marriage. 

In the past, dinners were all standard four dishes and one soup. What the son likes and what the husband likes to eat has been typed several times during the break from work. 

The most fatal thing is to work hard, and in the end, you may only get two pairs of frowns. 

Now, to avoid complaining, she directly takes her husband and son to a restaurant and eats them in a week. The man looks at his increasingly withered wallet and kneels. 

When she cooks again, she cuts the standard on the table directly and takes a simple route with balanced nutrition. 

Unexpectedly, without the previous racking his brains to do what he liked, her son was picky and cured, and her husband touted her cooking skills. 

Once upon a time, the parents' meeting once became her nightmare, but the bear child, who had a red light at the door of grades, had a strong ability to make trouble. 

The parents were invited, again and again, looked at the leader's face again and again and asked for leave, and then carefully apologized to the teacher again and again. 

Finally came home tired, looked up at him lying on the sofa waiting for dinner, and then looked at her innocent son, she was suddenly disillusioned. 

At the moment, as he said, since she did not have to complain about giving too much, and was informed by the parents' meeting, she simply pushed the father to the front stage. 

Unexpectedly, this parent-teacher meeting was a once-in-a-century commendation for his son. Excited, he immediately announced that he would deprive her of all rights to participate in children's activities in the future. 

What is even more unexpected is that since she retired from the educational front of her children, the little guy is not only sensible and clever day by day but also her academic performance has improved day by day so that she has no reason to complain. 

Today, without her as a firefighter, the earth not only turns but also turns brighter. 

The outside stopped and the family was free. The biggest change was that as her complaints disappeared, the number of overtime he worked decreased sharply, but the smile on his face increased sharply. 

Life seems to be the same monotonous pots and pans symphony, but playing a harmonious melody. 

Because cooking is no longer pressure, she falls in love with good food and likes to go into the kitchen to speculate on various dishes. 

Looking at her relaxed and busy figure in the kitchen, he would be afraid, worried that the happiness in front of him would slip away quietly, so the table and floor wiped very hard. 

Sometimes, she would look at him and wonder why such an excellent man had ever thought of running away countless times. 

Now, she deeply understands that the real good for the family is not a bottomless effort. If you want to reduce stress on others, you must first decompress yourself and love yourself well before you can love others. 

If you control your efforts within your affordability, you will unexpectedly gain the respect and understanding of each other, and it will not be difficult to play the song of family harmony.