Give your lover a gentle wedding

/September 2021

The newlyweds who are about to tie the knot, even though they know that they will be so tired and confused, still look forward to the sacred moment. 

They are easily satisfied, and it is enough to see a gentle glimmer of each other when their eyes meet. 

I was very impressed when I saw a group of pictures of the bride wearing a wedding dress for the first time. 

In foreign countries, the bride's wedding dress cannot be seen by the bridegroom first. it is said that this etiquette and custom continues the ancient Greek tradition, and they believe that it will bring bad luck if they do not abide by it. 

The wedding photographer recorded the scenes: when the bride came to the groom in her wedding dress, the groom's expressions were full of surprise and tears, and the corners of his mouth could not hide a happy smile or smiled from ear to ear. Eyes have turned into curved crescent moons. 

They seemed to be surprised and satisfied to see the most beautiful woman in the world, which was very touching. 

There is a picture of the bride gently wiping away the bridegroom's tears, the two smiling at each other, very beautiful. 

Indeed, in the vast sea of people, it is not easy to meet people who love and love themselves. 

Whether it is the hustle and bustle of Chinese-style weddings or the simple romance of Western-style weddings, for women, weddings are the most dazzling moment in their lives. 

I remember seeing such a scene in the wedding shop where a bride tried on her wedding dress and changed one thing after another on the high platform. The bridegroom was always very patient, full of appreciation and love. 

When the bride finally chose an off-shoulder wedding dress, she said coquettish, "I think I'm fat." 

The bridegroom stepped forward, brushed the bride's long skirt, and said, "No, I think it's just right." 

That gentle tone, so that the presence of me and the shop assistant is very envious. 

With such an understanding husband, it is no wonder that the bride's face is full of happiness. 

At her friend's wedding, her mother looked at the red eyes of her daughter who was about to be picked up, and her friend could not help but burst into tears. 

The bridegroom took out paper money from his pocket and gently wiped away his friend's tears and seriously swore to his mother-in-law: "Mom, don't worry, we will be all right." 

Perhaps it is only when they are treated so gently at weddings that women dare to face the hardships of washing their hands and making soup and having children in the future. 

Xi Murong once sighed: "Love me but not just because / I am your bride today / not just because of the scented wind / the sunshine of Europe in May / Please love me, because I will be with you / share the vicissitudes of the world …"... " 

Every newlywed couple is firm and pious when they get married. 

I hope that in the trivial life in the future, they can still stick to their beautiful promise: to give you the tenderness I want all my life.

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