Go home with a bosom lover

/September 2021

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Let my love stay with you forever. 

Do you feel like I'm worried about you? 

It is only in the relative line of sight that we find out what fate is. 

Are you also waiting for a bosom lover? 

Keep your feelings in mind forever. 

It's a long way to have my immutable heart. 

When the wind blows, it makes you feel warm. 

It is the rarest thing in my life to have a bosom lover. 

In the waiting room of the railway station in the provincial capital, the crowd was shouting and the voice was noisy, and the radio was singing "bosom friend" heartily. 

I bought a ticket home, sat down in an empty seat, closed my eyes, and waited patiently for time with a sentimental song. 

Vaguely knowing how long it took, he listened to what someone said behind him: "Little Love, we've been out for more than half a year. Don't you always say that you'll go back to our new home when your wish is over?" 

We are going home today! " 

The other party did not speak. 

Some of the people in the waiting room were tasting snacks, some were whispering, and no one paid any attention to his babbling. 

He went on and on right behind me, and at first, I could listen to him, sometimes with waves of sympathy for him, happy and sad for him, and sometimes puzzled by his babbling. I feel that his words are too much, even irrelevant to the edge of his words.?. 

Gradually, I thought he was a little annoying. Maybe he was a psychopath or drunk. I was a little tired of his chatter. 

Originally, I was very tired all the way. I wanted to take a rest while I was waiting for the bus, but he chattered endlessly behind me, which made me very irritated. I wanted to turn around several times to complain, but I held back again. 

"It snowed again. I can't forget the scene of us making a snowman in the yard. At that time, we were so happy." 

He babbled again behind him, "Love, do you remember, when we were in love, my family was very opposed to our marriage? my parents did not approve of our marriage, saying that you did not look for a job in the city after graduating from college, but went back to the country to teach. 

But I love you so much. We were lovers in college. I really couldn't live without you, so I came to you against my parents' wishes. 

I'm sorry. When we were newly married, I didn't get my parents' blessing and wronged you. " 

The other party still did not speak. 

As I sat there, the irritability and unhappiness in my heart gradually disappeared. I felt sorry for the strange man behind him. He loved the girl so much that he came to his beloved alone despite his parents' opposition. I didn't even get the blessing of my parents when I got married. I feel sorry and sorry for my lover now. I'm apologizing to my beloved. 

But his loved ones do not know why, even if they are not moved, they do not forgive him. It seems that they hold a deep grudge against him. 

"Little Love, I didn't expect you to have such an idea. Life is sometimes lighter than a feather and sometimes heavier than Mount Tai! 

At first, I couldn't figure it out. I thought you were just saying, but at that last moment, I saw a few crooked words you wrote, and I was deeply moved. 

At that moment, I burst into tears! 

Love, you did the right thing, and your good deeds are admirable! 

You let two blind young people who lost confidence in life see the light again. They knelt before me, grateful, and burst into tears. 

You gave birth to a young mother who suffered from rheumatic heart disease. She covered her heart and choked up in the face of me. 

The uremic young man held your picture tightly in his arms and burst into tears. 

At that moment, I think you did the right thing, ah, let me understand the value of people, understand the great virtue and great love in the world! 

Little love, you are my bosom lover, to be your husband, I am extremely proud and proud! " 

"I've made up my mind, too. When I have a day, I know I can't do it, and like you, I will do a meaningful good deed, donate my organs, and keep my thoughts in this world." 


Organ donation? 

When I wanted to look back, I heard the low sobs behind me, the voice pressed in the bottom of my heart, heavy and dull. 

But I still heard his choked voice: "Little love, but you …" 

I've only been married for a month! 

I don't want to leave you! 

You haven't fully experienced the happiness and joy of home, and I haven't loved you enough. 

You have to make a snowman with me and give lessons to the students. 

On the day I sent you, a lot of strangers came spontaneously, and everyone remembered you from the TV, saying that you were a good girl and should not go! 

That day, Mom and Dad also came all night from home, they remorseful, lying on your body crying bitterly, crying sorry for you, crying that you are a good daughter-in-law …... 

Fortunately, I am glad that you have left your life in this world so that I can see you every day. " 

I finally couldn't help turning around and saw him sitting behind me with his back, and there was no one next to him. 

I was a little baffled and hurriedly stood up. It was only then that I took a serious look at him who had been babbling behind my back for a long time. 

He was twenty-five or six years old, dressed in a dark blue coat, tears streaming down the corners of his eyes, dry lips, shaking constantly, what he wanted to say, but did not say it. 

At this time, the radio sounded and the check-in began. 

He also got up, and I saw clearly that he was still holding a red cloth bag in his arms. What is that? 

Is it a relic of his newlywed lover or an urn? 

He carefully hugged the red cloth bag and said to the red cloth bag, "Little Love, it's time to start, and now we're going back to our new home."... " 

I stood there, so moved, my heart was so hot that my eyes were filled with tears, and watched him slowly walk to the ticket gate with his lover in his arms. 

Whether it's now, 

Or in the distant future. 

We both protect each other's love today. 

No matter the wind and rain will never come again.