Gold in marriage

/October 2021

In 1926, Agatha Christie, a 35-year-old female writer, disappeared. 

Because her husband is in love with someone else. 

On a cold winter night, Agatha drove away from home and disappeared into the night fog. 

The next day, the car was found on the embankment not far from her home. 

There was no one in the car, the front wheel was hanging on the edge of the cliff, and the engine was on. 

Her disappearance caused a sensation all over England. 

More than five hundred police officers and more than 1000 volunteers have launched search and rescue operations, with newspapers, radio, and other media paying close attention. 

More than 10 days later, she was found in a restaurant-she registered in the hotel under the surname of her rival and the name of her friend and stayed down. 

It is said that she has lost her memory. 

After a lot of trouble, her husband still didn't want her. 

In 1928, she had to divorce. 

Unexpectedly, Agatha, who had experienced such an unbearable marriage, ushered in her productive period after divorce. Works such as "murder on the Orient Express", "tragedy on the Nile" and "Sin in the Sun" were published one after another. 

It turned out that after the divorce, she boarded the Orient Express and went to the Middle East to try to block the pain by distance. 

At that time, Leonard Woolley, a famous British archaeologist, was making archaeological excavations there, and she went to visit. 

The following year, Agatha revisited here. 

Woolley sent his assistant Max Malovan to show her around. 

Max is only 25 years old and is a college classmate of Agatha's nephew. 

He took a fancy to Agatha and proposed to Agatha, who is 39 years old, at the end of his journey. 

To everyone's surprise, Agatha married Max immediately. 

After marriage, she followed her husband to various archaeological sites and began a hard life that was completely unfamiliar-as soon as the lights were turned off, hundreds of rats emerged from holes in the walls and floors, squeaking, across the bed, crawling across her face, grabbing her hair … ….! 

People of different nationalities on the construction site are often angry, wrestling, tearing, and bleeding. 

But this did not disrupt Agatha's peaceful and happy life, as she once described Max's desk: it was full of letters, bills, pamphlets, sketches of bottles and cans, countless pieces of ceramic, and all kinds of matchboxes. 

Those matchboxes are not matches, but old beads. 

Those beads are probably lapis lazuli beads, right? 

The beads are wrapped or glued with gold, which is so old that it is difficult to peel off. 

Agatha may have been inspired by that gold-after the gold was damaged, it could be returned to the furnace and came out intact. 

If gold is willing to play a supporting role, spread out into thin sheets, wrapped in lapis lazuli and red chalcedony, it will not only have a leap of beauty but also increase each other's firmness. 

The same is true of marriage, if you have the golden quality, then, put into the melting pot of any marriage, will be intact.

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