Great love story

/October 2021

Looking at all times and all over the world-- Gatsby and Daisy, Scarlett and Rhett, the two in "A letter from a strange woman". 

Why is the protagonist of a great love story either a dramatic personality or psychologically unsound? 

Every time I read a novel, I can't help thinking that if one of the two people is a little "like a person", it doesn't have to be like this. 

Want to come to a person's character is never separated every part, just as honesty is often connected with wooden dull, lively and inevitably lose in frivolity, and gentle people will eventually use his warmth to destroy you. 

From this point of view, those people can play the protagonists of great love stories, not because of their strengths, but because of their fatal flaws, things that are ills in real life are put into literary works, stories, word of mouth, become charming. 

Great love is a bit like fireworks, which is the most spectacular from a distance, while those who are close to it will be burned and smoked by the fire, and those who are better can not escape the fate of shock to their ears. 

It's bad luck to be the one between them. 

There have been such examples around, An and B have been entangled for many years, and for many years, An and B have had their CDEFG. 

Finally, An and B walked around together, as friends, of course, feel very sad and touching, but those CDEFG, feel that their feelings, inexplicably become cannon fodder. 

People with the mission of true love, like two wheels, only want to run towards each other, but never expect that when they run over, they also hurt others. 

But great love needs cannon fodder. 

They have to trample on something to prove each other's sincerity. 

Just like Ross and Rachel, Ross in Friends has to let some people down to realize that "that Rachel", only that person is special, and the person in front of him is not. 

Two people in great love often have little empathy. 

They just worry about their own stories, and they don't care about the fate of others. 

But then again, once people learn to understand, it is difficult to go crazy. 

How can you think so much about others? they only expect their love to be fulfilled. 

I am not accusing great love of being bad, but I gradually feel that its "good" and other "good" may be contradictory or even mutually exclusive. 

When I grow up, I find that "good" and "good" can not be juxtaposed forever, and "goodwill" and "goodwill" may also produce annoying sparks. 

Just as it is difficult for a man to expect his wife who loves him to live in harmony with his mother, great love and "morality", "sense of order" and "normal and relaxed life" often cannot coexist. 

So now every time I hear a friend confide in, may encounter true love, want to pick up, can not put down, will subconsciously throw cold water. 

Say that life is calm and safe, don't give up so easily. 

When a person decides to enter a "great" love, to some extent, he gives up an orderly and controllable life and devotes himself to the whirlpool of fate. 

No one knows where the vortex will take him and how long it will take him to drift. 

I sometimes feel that the protagonist of great love is "preordained", just like the screenwriter chooses the name of the leading actor and heroine. 

They have the privilege to do all the jerk things and still be loved by the audience, and they must be at a loss because that person seems certain, but the future of how to fall in love is uncertain.

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