Green years-3

/November 2021

The first class of the next day is Chinese. 

I sat in my seat with a bunny in my arms. 

I shyly waited for Mr. Lin's loving response. I thought that even with his affectionate eyes, I would burn my whole body and mind to ashes in the fire of romance without hesitation. 

However, Mr. Lin, who walked into the classroom that day, was unnatural and unnatural. 

Mr. Lin on the podium is a strange and sloppy man, with a crumpled suit and a fuchsia jersey, as awkward as a saw blade on a tile and a pair of dirty white sneakers on his feet. 

The class was surprisingly quiet, with dozens of pairs of eyes staring at Mr. Lin in surprise. 

"Let's have eighteen lessons today." 

Mr. Lin spoke in dialect. 

Laughter burst out as if to lift the roof. 

The "we" who got rid of the dirt seemed so incongruous when they came out of Mr. Lin's mouth. 

In my mind, Mr. Chen, Mr. Wang, Mr. Li, any teacher can say this, but Mr. Lin can't, Mr. Lin, he is talented, he is personable, he is a knight, he is a gentleman, his hair is not messy, his eyes are bright, he is a scholar, he is a writer! 

How can cowardice and vulgarity belong to him? 

"what are you laughing at? 

There is nothing to laugh at. " 

Searching for reasonably priced beige bridesmaid dresses which glorifies you? Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

Vernacular dialects rise again, "in fact, this is what the real Linsen is." 

As soon as this remark came out, the laughter in the class became even louder.

Teacher Lin waited for everyone to be a little quieter and then went on to say, "the teacher Lin you see is Mr. Lin on the podium. He is covered by a halo of holiness. To match the holiness, he must carefully package himself. That Mr. Lin is the beautified Lin Sen, and now Mr. Lin is the real Lin Sen!" 

In my life, I often wander around with slippers, my head covered and my face covered. 

My mouth spits not only knowledge, but also cigarettes, spirits, and sometimes foul language. " 

Teacher Lin's dialect unwittingly changed back to the cadence of Putonghua. He raised his voice and asked, "are such people knights?" 

Are you a gentleman? 

Life is life, it's not just recitation! " 

Mr. Lin's eyes seemed to glance at me inadvertently. I saw that there was a kind reminder, earnest expectation, and a few apologies in my eyes.

No one but me knows why Mr. Lin destroyed his image in that class. 

In the classroom filled with surprise and laughter, no one noticed that their "school beauty" hung her head and tears ran down her red cheeks. 

After that class, at the age of 18, I painfully and resolutely cooled the fire of love, and I retained my self-esteem. No one knew about my crazy behavior except Mr. Lin. 

A year later, I was successfully admitted to a normal college. 

When I was in the third grade, I heard the news that Mr. Lin was getting married. 

The bride is a worker at a grain station. 

One evening a year ago, I happened to meet Mr. Lin. 

At that time, he was being pulled by his wife, walking in the place of brocade flowers. 

Instead of pulling his slippers dishevelled, he was still well-dressed and personable. 

However, when teacher Lin and his wife whispered and laughed, the words that came out of his mouth were really not Putonghua in the form of recitation.