Grow with love

/September 2021

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I work as an account manager in a big company, with a stable job and a good salary. My wife graduated from college and worked as a cashier in a supermarket. Her salary is meager and she may lose her job at any time. Before I got married, I was worried and confused about the "gap" with my wife. After marriage, I didn't eliminate my inner contradictions.

His wife is very good at taking care of the family, and she keeps everything in order, whether it is housework or finance. But once compared with my colleagues, I began to lose my mind: my wife worked stably. Under the torture of this contradiction, I asked my brother to drink and solve my worries, and even told him bluntly: "Although I still love my wife, if I want to re-elect, I will never choose her again." After listening to my talk, my brother said to me rudely, "I'm sorry for your wife who kept in the dark. If you love her and are a responsible man, you shouldn't secretly despise her and belittle her. Don't think that you are sitting in a "high position", just feel noble or even compassionate. What a man should do is to speak his mind openly with his wife. What women need is love, respect, not charity. "

My brother's words suddenly woke me up. When I got home, I told my wife all about my thoughts. I didn't expect my wife not to be angry, but to say to me, "I have already seen your thoughts. Since you don't want to tell me, I think you must have your considerations. I have been admitted to the self-taught undergraduate course of Zhejiang University, majoring in human resource management. I am taking classes in my spare time, and I can get my diploma in about two years. I know that although you love me, there are some gaps between us, which will become your heart disease sooner or later. I can't hold your love and let the years pass in vain. I want to grow up with the years, keep up with your progress, and become a lifelong partner with you in fly with me. " After listening to my wife's words, it seems that I have returned to the university class. My wife is talking with me, and she just gave me an emotional lesson. 

Because his wife worked hard at ordinary times, the supermarket leader promised to transfer her to the management department when she got her degree certificate. Two years later, his wife successfully got the degree certificate and became the HR supervisor of the supermarket. 

I am glad that I have been honest with my wife in my marriage, and I am even more glad that my wife is not only informed and reasonable but also has pursuit.

When the veil of love is lifted, many people will count each other's injuries and wonder whether their choice is worthwhile.

Don't think that everything will be fine after marriage, think that your partner's love for yourself will remain strong forever because of a marriage certificate, and you can "not make progress". If the other party is making continuous progress, but he is always marking time or even regressing, the gap between the two people will become bigger and bigger, until it becomes a gap to bury love. Think calmly, what is the gap between two people? Can you make up for it through hard work? Try it, grasp the time, cultivate yourself consciously, and grow with the years.