hand in hand

/September 2021

I know a man who says he never walks with his girlfriend's hand. He found it inconvenient and unnecessary to hold another person. He has a girlfriend who has been in love for many years, which proves that there is a woman who can understand him (or tolerate him). If it were me, I'd already left him. It's hard for me to understand why he wouldn't hold my hand openly since he said he loved me and didn't have a family!  

When a man pursues a woman, he always tries every means to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, holding her hand, and once he catches her, he refuses to let go.  

Women like a man and always hope that he will take the initiative to hold her hand. This kind of suggestion is better than a thousand words.  

In the quiet night street, she wanted him to take her hand and send her home, leaving Yiyi, reluctant to let go.  

In the busy street, the crowds were surging, and he held her hand tightly for fear that she would get lost. Once her hands were knocked away by the crowd, she always searched anxiously for his big palm.  

When he is driving, I hope he only controls the steering wheel with one hand, and the other hand is clasped with my fingers. As a man, you should learn to drive a car with one hand.  

When I have dinner with my friends, I also hope that he will hold my hand under the table.  

We describe a man and a woman ending a relationship as "breaking up". Therefore, when two people fall in love, they should hold hands in any case. 

The most comfortable palm is big and thick, which can wrap a woman's little hand firmly inside and give her a sense of security. Don't sweat too much and wet people's hands. Don't be too rough, for softness makes you feel gentle.

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