Handwritten once upon a time-1

/November 2021

In July, the huge crown of the acacia tree in the northwest corner of the campus was covered with light pink flowers overnight. The flowers were furry, like small fans, light in color, if smoke, if dust, like clouds, like clouds. 

Liang Xiao ran to pick up the ball under the acacia tree and saw Lantana standing under the acacia tree with a book in her arms to watch them play football. The girl was not very talkative, her smile was as light as water, and her eyes were peaceful and quiet. 

Liang Xiao hugged the ball and asked her, "classmate, do you know the name of such a beautiful flower?" 

Looking at the sweaty Liang Xiao, the Lantana couldn't help laughing and said, "do you really don't know or don't you know?" 

This is a Lantana! " 

This answer made Liang Xiao laugh. He pointed to the Lantana and said, "although you are in the class next door, I know your name is Lantana. I didn't ask your name. I asked what the name of this flowering tree is." 

The smile of the Lantana slowly folded up, just like the leaves of the acacia tree. With a touch of their hands, the leaves would come together, and the tassel flowers became shy and said somewhat awkwardly, "I know you didn't ask me my name." the flowers of this tree are called Lantana, also called acacia flowers. " 

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Liang Xiao looked at Ma Yinghua's shy appearance and gently moved her heart. Now girls are fiercer than boys, and this one blushes. 

With a bad smile on his face, he said, "I see. Lantana = Albizzia, so I can call you Albizzia in the future?" 

Lantana gave him a sanitary eyeball and said, "classmate, are you kidding me?" 

It was you who asked me for the name of this tree. Although you and I have only one name, we also have the status of being a teacher. Would you please stop making jokes like this? " 

Liang Xiao made a big red face, walked with the ball, looked back, and saw Lantana holding the book, walking in the direction of the classroom.