Handwritten once upon a time-2

/November 2021

After the college entrance examination, senior three brothers and sisters left school in a hurry. After the whirlwind, Liang Xiao and their classmates were driven to the classroom used by their brothers and sisters before. Those classrooms had separate floors and were supervised separately. Students in the lower grades were not allowed to cross the boundary to disturb and make noise. They were jokingly called the "exclusion zone," and the atmosphere was even tenser than before. 

In this state, Liang Xiao, a big boy, was infatuated with eating cold drinks because the family opened a cold drink shop. Liang Xiao went to their cold drink shop, again and again, to have a few words with Lantana alone, or not to say anything. just look at her and satisfy Anyi. 

During that time, Lantana was also very happy. She said, "Liang Xiao, eat ice cream every day. Be careful to eat it into an iceman. If you come back later, I won't sell it to you." 

Liang Xiao knows that this is a kind reminder of the Lantana. Because Lantana has to take part in the college entrance examination, her mother has been taking care of the cold drink shop in their family. 

About eating too much cold drink, one night, sleeping in the middle of the night, Liang Xiao abdominal pain, was sent to the hospital by his parents, a check of acute enteritis, vomiting, and diarrhea, a week did not go to class, the person also lost a circle. 

Lantana came to see him and said with red circles under her eyes, "Liang Xiao, are you stupid?" 

Don't go to the cold drink shop in the future, and don't eat any more cold drinks. You can take a clear examination of the north with peace of mind. 

That is not only your parents' dream but also our school's dream. " 

Liang Xiao said, "is Qingbei contrary to eating cold drinks?" 

If the two contradict each other, then I will not be clear about the north, I will not be a man, what is the meaning of being a man? 

I can't even eat ice cream. I'd better be a pig. 

Be carefree and happy, and the most important thing is that you can eat anything. " 

Originally tearful Lantana quilt Liang Xiao amused, she said: "students with good grades are as good as you, right?" 

Be in our stylishly fashionable mother of the groom dresses for summer. Spend time and consider this selection.

Illness, hospitalization, eating the wrong food, nothing can affect you, unlike me, the grades are mediocre, will not be noticed, and no one will take seriously. "