Handwritten once upon a time-3

/November 2021

There was a touch of sadness and negativity in Lantana's tone. Liang Xiao asked her, "what's the matter with you?" 

What happened? " 

Lantana shook her head. "it's all right, what can I do for you?" 

It's just worrying about nothing. Don't go to our cold drink shop again, and I won't see you again. If anything happens to you, I won't be the culprit. " 

That afternoon, the ward was very quiet, and the two men talked to each other without match. later, Liang Xiao recalled that afternoon, such a quiet and beautiful time, so pure and beautiful that he was afraid it would never happen again in this life. 

After Liang Xiao was discharged from the hospital, he went to the cold drink shop to look for Lantana, but the cold drink shop under the acacia tree was already closed. 

In desperation, Liang Xiao had to stop the Lantana on his way out of school. 

Like a different person, Lantana said to him coldly, "didn't we make it very clear last time in the hospital?" 

You take your sunny path, I cross my single-log bridge, and from now on the well water will not invade the river. 

Don't say that there is nothing yet between the two of us, even if there is something really, such as the agreement between life and death, there is no guess, we have to be completely cut off. " 

The expression and tone of the Lantana is a little ruffian and a little ruthless, looking at Liang Xiao like a child. He was hurt by the coldness and impermanence of the Lantana. He looked at the acacia tree by the side of the road and felt at a loss and at a loss. 

At Christmas, he gave a small present to the Lantana. 

New Year's Day sent a card to Lantana with only one sentence written on it: study hard and be happy! 

During the Spring Festival, he gave Ma Yinghua a beautiful diary. 

He looked forward to the reaction and feedback of the Lantana, but there was no movement there, just like a stone thrown into the calm lake without a ripple. 

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On the eve of the college entrance examination, Lantana dropped out of school. 

When I heard that she had applied for the opportunity to study abroad, Liang Xiao didn't have a taste in his heart. Did he hurt her? 

It's absurd to study abroad before the college entrance examination. It's ridiculous to the extreme. Do you want to avoid anything?