Handwritten once upon a time-4

/November 2021

Although these questions are very complicated, he has no time to think about them, because the college entrance examination is just around the corner, and the final sprint cannot be lost, otherwise it will fall short of success. 

After the college entrance examination, he finally knew the truth. 

It turned out that he had been in love with Lantana all the time in school. Liang Xiao's teacher talked to Lantana once and was so serious that he let Liang Xiao go, because there were so few good boys like Liang Xiao that he had the ability to sprint to clear the north. You can't kill an excellent boy's talent because of puppy love. 

Lantana wanted to explain that she and Liang Xiao were not like the legend at all, but the teacher didn't believe it at all. 

Liang Xiao's mother also looked for Lantana once. She was an elegant and decent woman with extraordinary charm in her every move. In front of her, Lantana dared not even show its atmosphere. 

Liang Xiao's mother pulled out an iPhone and said, "Girl, Xiaoxiao's self-control ability is too poor, and he is too sensitive. Please take good care of him for me. Don't affect the college entrance examination because of other things." 

Lantana cried, she said: "Auntie, I do not want the phone, but I know what you mean, you can rest assured." 

Liang Xiao's good friend also went to Lantana once. He said, "I'm Liang Xiao's buddy and best friend. Don't bother me. I shouldn't have taken care of my private affairs, but I was entrusted by others. The best way out for you is to study hard and try to go to the same university as Liang Xiao. 

Lantana cried. She said, "Liang Xiao and I don't have puppy love. Why don't you all believe it?" 

Lantana leaves crying, and many students see it. 

Another year in July, the huge crown of the acacia tree in the northwest corner of the campus was covered with light pink flowers overnight, the flowers were furry, like small fans, light in color, if smoke, if dust, like clouds, like clouds. 

Standing under the huge acacia tree, Liang Xiao thought of the Lantana, her plain expression, her cold eyes, her simple clothes, her happy smile, she said that the Lantana = the acacia, she said no more cold drinks, she said … …!

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