Happiness is a drizzle

/October 2021

Many people lament: a happy marriage is a luxury, not everyone can have it. 

This is a misreading of the meaning of a happy marriage. 

It regards happiness as a mysterious event out of reach, as an impossible task, and as an excuse for self-comfort. 

This misunderstanding comes not only from the broken marriage, the estranged family, and the changed love but also from the pessimism about the future and the fear of managing the marriage. 

To regard a happy marriage as a luxury magnifies the difficulty of marriage. 

Although precious and hard to find, a happy marriage is not a mirage, nor is it a luxury that only a few people can have. 

Look around you. I believe there will be some examples of happiness. 

Happiness, like sunshine and air, is a grace given to everyone equally. 

Everyone comes into the world with an inborn happiness gene, who can discover it and apply it to love and marriage, who will be able to reap happiness. 

In other words, the process of creating happiness is a jigsaw puzzle process, we need to use all our wisdom, inspiration, and efforts to put all our happiness genes together to complete a perfect happiness pattern. 

Love is the most basic gene of happiness. 

If you have love in your heart, you will not be afraid of all the bland, distressing, and trivial things in the marriage, and even regard all the obstacles and tribulations in the marriage as the adjustment and component of happiness. 

If you have love, you will correct your psychology and behavior and become a person who will love. 

For a person who will love, the contradictions and problems in marriage will be ignored and easily solved, and the tortuous road to marital happiness can easily become a smooth road. 

If a happy marriage is a planet, with love as the fulcrum, love will be used as a lever, and the unshakable planet can be easily pried up. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can play the gene of happiness incisively and vividly, and even some people do not know the nature of happiness all their lives and do not make any efforts. 

For these lazy people, a happy marriage is indeed a luxury, even if you have it, you will lose it in an instant. 

For those who dare to pay and improve constantly, happiness is a drizzle, which has come to you silently while you are working silently.

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