Happiness is always about trust

/October 2021

The inexplicable panic of marriage seems to begin with the promotion of the husband to general manager. 

As a result, the quarrel became more and more frequent, and her mood became worse and worse, but she could not control herself. 

She went to see a psychiatrist on the advice of her friend. 

All the people who went there that day were husband and wife. 

The psychiatrist asked the wives to stand in a row facing him and then ordered the husbands to stand in the back row and prepare for help. After he shouted "go", the wives in the front row fell on the husbands in the opposite row. 

The woman laughed and fell back little by little, and she fell back, too, but secretly grasping the balance of her body, she was afraid that the person behind would not catch her properly. 

Sure enough, she heard a series of "plop" sounds, the women who got up from the ground had tears in their eyes, and the failed husbands blushed. 

The psychiatrist pointed to the couple who hugged each other and said they were the best performers in the experiment. 

He said: "here, the wife performs' trust 'for everyone-trust is to sincerely drain every trace of suspicion and scruples from the heart and surrender yourself 100%." 

What the husband performs for everyone is' trustworthy'- trustworthiness is a flower driven by trust. If the soil of trust is too barren, then the flower will not grow, let alone bloom; of course, if the soil of trust is fertile and soft, the flower will bloom beautifully. 

Here, what I want to tell you through this activity is that trustworthiness is happy while trusting others is noble. 

Do you want to be a happy person, then let's try to be noble people first! " 

When she got home that day, she and her husband played the game again. 

She asked, "Darling, will you hold me?" 

The person behind said: yes, I will. 

She closed her eyes and fell back, and she could feel that her husband was trying very hard to support her fat body. 

Tears flowed out because she finally found the door to happiness again.

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