Happiness is learning to grow up in marriage

/September 2021

There is only one certificate between marriage and love, but the road to growth is Qian Shan. Two young people, from lovers to husband and wife, from ignorance to maturity, if they are willing to use a little bit of hard work to exchange a little bit of understanding and cherish, then happiness must be not far away.  

At the age of 20, Statham met Alice, who was equally young, and fell in love, married, and had children. Once, they were as unconventional as many post-90s youths, playing ear-piercing, tattooing, and loving punk. What's different is that they became parents at a fun age. He used to be "Peter Pan" and didn't know how to take care of others. However, when she was pregnant and saw her backache, he began to feel bad for her and began to understand that knowing how to love is also a happy thing.  

He tried to economize for the first time and did housework to take care of his family for the first time. He suddenly felt a sense of awe for the illusory sense of responsibility. In his spare time at work, he would send a video greeting to her, see her smiling face and his son's crying face, and he would feel happy, just like the warm wind kissing his face, and spring is all over the world.  

She, too. She didn't like children once, but now she feels that the crying of children is beautiful. When she made clothes and hats for her son, her inspiration exploded.  

They said: "I used to think it was cool to play, but now I think it is the coolest thing to run a good home and be a good parent." He no longer hates her sudden phone call when he is playing outside, but feels that her phone call is so warm-hearted when she returns late. "Family members are looking forward to your return, leaving a lamp for you, how beautiful!"  

This is the happy day of the post-90s couple, which makes us believe that love is the same regardless of age and age. In love, Peter Pan will grow up, and the river winding in Storybrooke will also be contaminated with magic, turning around a thousand times and finally coming to a happy ending.

Its strong fragrance will eventually become dull. However, a gentle and intelligent woman knows how to implant it into her heart and how to irrigate it with the calmness and delicacy in her life. This kind of love, always fresh, really doesn't need any proof.

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