Happiness stored on the little paper crane

/October 2021

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It is said that the so-called feeling of love in a marriage over time slowly weathered and deteriorated. 

Indeed, over time, their once warm love is gradually replaced by indifference, often busy, in a small square can only feel the existence of each other, but too lazy to communicate, let alone understand. 

Over time, life is lifeless and marriage is boring. 

Finally, one day, the two complained about each other, finally quarreled with each other, and filed for divorce. 

So the two men packed their things separately. 

While tidying up the closet, she accidentally came across a dusty piggy bank. The piggy bank fell to the ground with a "wow" sound, and the colorful little paper cranes fluttered and fell silently all over the ground. 

In an instant, poking aside the sky of the lost years, bursts of sweet sadness eroded gently to the bone, making her sad: red, yellow, blue, purple, and other colors of small paper cranes were folded by her with small pieces of scented paper, on each piece of paper, he and she wrote the date and their own words. 

That piggy bank is the shape of a man and a woman kissing each other. 

I remember that after they bought it home, they were intoxicated and kissed each other so much that they couldn't breathe. Finally, he said, "Ah, it's just the look of the two of us." 

They were getting married at that time. 

One night, she sat on the floor and silently unfolded the little paper cranes: 

April twentieth. 

In the third month after marriage, I had just had a minor operation. We went for a walk in the afternoon and suddenly it began to rain heavily. 

After the rain stopped, there was a lot of water on the road, and he was afraid that I would catch a cold. Facing almost dumbfounded and so many neighbors, he carried me home without hesitation. 

June third. 

In the first summer after marriage, I worked overtime until late at night for several days in a row. I was so tired that I fell asleep watching TV on the sofa. He gently picked me up and walked into the bedroom like a baby. He gently put me on the bed and carefully covered the towel quilt for fear of waking me up. I was already awake, but I was reluctant to open my eyes and wanted to silently feel the care and delicacy of this love. 

November fifteenth. 

In the winter of the first year of marriage, I went to see a girlfriend on a whim. I only left a note but did not write the return date. 

When I came back on the 4th day, it was already late at night, and I saw him wandering alone on the platform in the snow. 

I said, "do you know I'm coming back today?" 

He hugged me in his arms and said, "I don't know, but I'll wait here every day until the last bus shows up." 

On August 1, after two years of marriage, she was pregnant and threw up what she ate. 

Because I was busy with my work, I had to send her back to my hometown to be taken care of by my mother. 

We hugged tightly on the platform and couldn't part. 

I cried bitterly. I wonder if she will get used to it in the countryside. 

Would you be lonely without me? 

Will the day of giving birth to a baby be hard? 

On October 9, after three years of marriage, she was going on a business trip for a week. The night before I left, I woke up and she was still busy. 

It turned out that she had prepared a change of clothes for me for seven days, and the refrigerator was full of food, such as frozen dumplings, bread, sausages, milk, fruit, etc., and wrote on these food bags with a thick pen: eat well, do not be hungry! 


As she read the words on the little paper crane, he wondered why she hadn't moved for a long time. 

He couldn't help pushing the door in: she was sitting on the floor, holding a handful of unfolded pieces of paper, her face glistening with tears. 

When she saw him come in, she turned her head to one side, but he heard her low, repressed sobs. 

He silently took the top piece of paper from her hand and saw his handwriting: February 6th. 

I was in a car accident today. I'm glad I didn't break my muscles and bones, but I was cut by the glass between my eyes. I got seven stitches, almost to the corner of my eye. 

"That was close. What if I go blind?" 

I sighed with fear. 

"if I'm blind, I'm your eye!" 

She hugged me and burst into tears. 

His heart trembled at this point. 

Yes, the two made an appointment when they got married, folding warm moments, happy moments, and unforgettable moments into small paper cranes at any time. When they were old, they listened to music together, sat in rocking chairs, and released these little paper cranes. Count the capital and interest of happiness. 

However, I do not know when married life in the immutable inertia gradually blunted the warmth of the past, tedious days let the love unconsciously covered with dust, the feeling of happiness is more and more numb, to put the love piggy bank on the shelf, and neither of them is aware of it. 

He suddenly realized something: "Honey, let's continue to fold the little paper crane and store all our happiness to the end." 

With that, he hugged her and kissed her affectionately. 

She felt a little salty in her mouth and looked up. One of his tears flowed into her mouth.