Hidden a love in 66 years

/September 2021

He is a black old man and she is a white old woman. He and she sat by the flower bed. The bright sunshine in late spring in Australia has long drawn the shadow of the two-story old people's home in Blacktown, Sydney, behind them. Ten steps away from them, I can clearly see what he is saying, his mouth keeps moving, and the corners of her eyes and corners of her mouth are full of laughter.

In 1966, I hid a love. I leaned slightly and said, "My name is Leo, a new volunteer. Can I share your happiness? " The old lady didn't object. The old man looked at me and nodded gently. "I'm talking about my love for her for 66 years. Would you like to listen?"

I didn't answer, just quietly brought a chair, facing him and her, and sat down.

"I'm a Sudanese. I went to Australia by boat in 1940, and my first destination was Tasmania. Coincidentally, Hannah's house is next to the rental house where I live ... "The old man who was interested in telling stories suddenly stepped on the brake, and he scratched the back of his head and apologized." I forgot to introduce our names. My name is Joshua and her name is Hannah. "

"I have known Hannah since my first day in Tasmania. However, she doesn't know me. At that time, I was only 13 years old and lived with my father and uncle. Hannah is one year older than me. At that time, Hannah was learning to ride a bicycle. She couldn't ride well and always fell on the grass, but she never cried. Every time, I heard her giggle, then got up and lifted her bicycle to continue riding

"Hannah never found me. I always hide behind trees, stick out my head and watch quietly. I know, I am black. Hannah, on the other hand, is white and clean, with big and round eyes. Her hair is golden and long. When the wind blows, her long hair swings in the wind. You can imagine how beautiful it is! "

"She's an angel, and I'm black. I'm afraid I'll scare Hannah when I come out from behind the tree. It took Hannah only six days to learn to ride a bike. She stepped on her bicycle like a gust of wind. I'm still hiding behind the tree, staring at it. When I was alone, I secretly said to the tree hole over and over again:' Hannah, I love you.' "

When Hannah was 16, her family moved to Melbourne. I told my father and uncle, who insisted on staying in Tasmania for a living, that I had grown up and should go out on my own. Despite their resolute opposition, I came to Melbourne alone. I don't know where Hannah lives, but I said to myself, I will find her.

"Later, I went to work in a shoe store. At that time, I was 16 years old. I thought to myself, Hannah is so beautiful, she must like dressing up like other beautiful girls, then she will come one day. One morning, when I first got to work, a familiar figure broke into the shoe store. God, I'm going to faint. That's what I miss so much about Hannah! But soon I was anxious to cry out, because Hannah's hand was tightly holding a tall young man. Oh, Hannah, she's in love!

"Hannah has never been to the shoe store again, but I finally found her home. Every day after work, I set out from the shoe store, walked three blocks, walked through a small garden, and looked across Hannah's house. I count the steps every time, step by step, and there are 797 steps. Of course, it is not fixed, sometimes it is 789 steps, and at most it is 811 steps, so I can see Hannah's home. Occasionally, I can see Hannah standing in front of her house and looking around. She is waiting for her boyfriend. Sometimes, I don't see her, but I can hear her laughing in the room. Most of the time, I can't see Hannah, and I can't hear her voice. I stood at her door for a while, then turned and walked back to the shoe store, and went to the attic to eat and sleep.

Later, Hannah got married and changed to a new home. I don't know how many steps it takes to walk from the shoe store to Hannah's new home, but I do know that it takes 12 minutes to drive there. Not every day, but often, I drive to see Hannah. I stopped the car far away, looked over the low wooden fence through the window, and saw Hannah and her husband watering and talking in the garden. Soon, a little girl joined Hannah and her husband's happy team, and that was their child. I dare say that she is the cutest little angel I have ever seen. I'm surprised that my heart has already lost the feeling of being split by a sharp knife, and my bitterness has gradually disappeared without a trace, leaving only joy and uncontrollable joy. Every time I see Hanna's family of three playing games and laughing sweetly, I feel happy from the bottom of my heart.

It was accidental and sudden to know that Hannah's husband and children had gone to heaven. I went back to Tasmania for two weeks because my father was seriously ill. Back in Melbourne, I rushed to attend the funeral of a friend's mother. In the cemetery, I accidentally saw Hannah. Poor Hannah, with a sad face. My heart, in an instant, broke into pieces of glass.

Joshua raised his right hand and wiped his eyes before continuing the second half of the story. Hannah's husband drove the whole family out for the weekend and had a car accident. Hannah was injured, and her husband and children died of excessive blood loss ...

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I quit my job as a shoe store, took out all my savings, and opened a fruit and vegetable shop with my friends. It takes only one minute to walk to Hannah's house from there. Our vegetable and fruit shop business lasted for 26 years. In these 26 years, I didn't get married, and Hannah didn't remarry. I don't know if Hanna doesn't want to be a bride again, or if no one wants to marry her. And I, from beginning to end, never asked Hannah for love, for only one reason, she was an angel, and I was nothing. For 26 years, as a volunteer, I appeared in front of Hannah twice a week, talking with her happily, taking care of the flowers and plants in the garden and purchasing daily necessities for her.

After 26 years, I sold all my shares to the partners in the fruit and vegetable shop. Because Hannah was moving to Sydney, I followed her to Sydney quietly. In Wen Ya, Sydney, I started the happiest time in my life. Every day, I can see Hannah. Because the room we rented was door to door, and as soon as we opened the door, we met. Hannah believes in the Lord. She goes to church every weekend. I only followed her at first, and later I believed in Jesus, and soon became the most enthusiastic evangelist of the church

"We came to Blacktown six years ago. It was my idea to come here. Because there are too many good black brothers and sisters I know here, I want to preach the gospel to them. " At this point, Joshua suddenly turned and secretly enjoyed himself. He stared at me in the eyes, and he couldn't help himself. "Can you guess? I said to Hannah, let's go to Blacktown to preach the gospel. She came with me without even hesitating for a second. Until two years ago, we were old and lived in this old people's home. Can you believe it? She never knew that I was her neighbor in Tasmania, and she had quietly hid behind a tree to watch her learn to ride a bicycle. She also didn't know that I was a volunteer and neighbor who always helped her when she lived in Melbourne. I didn't know that I was the one who followed her to Wen Ya and tried to rent a house door to door. The only thing she knows is that I, like her, are members who believe in the Lord. "

I was tongue-tied.

Joshua sensed my doubts, and he was happy again. He motioned me to look Hannah in the eye with his mouth. Hannah has a pair of brown reading glasses on her nose. Frankly speaking, I don't see anything unusual. I only notice that Hannah's smile is very warm in the warm sunshine.

"In the car accident, although she didn't lose her life, she lost her light from now on. Her big beautiful eyes are still there, but there is only chaos and darkness in front of her eyes. Her light is bright in my heart. " Joshua said.

I suddenly realized: "She is blind, but she can listen. She must feel sweet because she listened to your love for decades, so her face is full of spring scenery. "

Unexpectedly, Joshua shook his head. "No, Hannah's hearing was seriously damaged because of the car accident. A few years ago, she could barely hear some sounds with her hearing AIDS. In recent years, she has been completely insulated from the sound. "

I was full of doubts and ran to my face again. I stuttered and asked, "But I clearly saw that she smiled while listening to your story."

"She listens with her hands." Joshua said. At this time, I did not notice that the hands of the two old people were gently and tightly held together. A pair of hands, black and white, rest quietly on the old man's left knee.

Look at the hand he held with her-really, this harmonious, sweet, warm and calm scene fascinates me. I'm crazy about it. I don't think I can guess wrong. With her clasped hands, Hannah, who is blind and deaf, knows that she has a heart, which is very close to her. With her clasped hands, Joshua, who has no children, knows that she has a heart, and she is listening carefully to his story about her 66-year deep love.