Hope you can harvest love and sweetness~

/September 2021

Miss R just got out of the mood of divorce.

Both Miss R and Mr. X have a marriage history. It is said that Mr. X is very handsome, and he is very attentive when chasing Miss R. He travels back and forth every day for more than 100 kilometers. And surprise her from time to time. Later, Miss R was taken down. We got off the bus, and although they didn't get a license, they got married.

Miss R is a kind of straightforward girl in Northeast China. Once she has confirmed it, she will take out her heart, and her heart is very soft. She can't wait to lose all her money to subsidize the people around her. So even if Mr. X is a divorced man, he fell in love with him and never gave up.

Mr x's career is not developing well. At that time, he caught up with his children's graduation from junior high school and decided to let them go to technical secondary school. Miss R learned that she spent more than 100,000 yuan to send Mr. X's children to private high schools.

Every time he quarrels and wants a divorce, Mr. X will apologize and admit his mistake, saying that he will change it later (is this routine familiar), and Miss R, who is soft-hearted, will also let things go, and spend four years together.

However, in the past four years, since the wedding, Miss R has basically taken care of herself in Shenzhen, and every time she takes her money to honor her parents, Mr. X seems very reluctant.

A few months ago, they had a cold war. Since Miss R was on a business trip, her family could not contact her, so they called Mr. X and told him that Miss R's mother had cancer.

This incident was relayed lightly by Mr. X as a five-character message of "Your mother is ill", nothing else.

Miss r is heartbroken. After returning home, she didn't contact Mr. X voluntarily, and Mr. X didn't contact her either.

A man who has been with him for four years still puts on-air and fights with you when he is so vulnerable and needs support. You can imagine how desperate Miss R is.

One month, Miss R was in danger of living on the street because she spent money to find a specialist to treat her mother and could not pay the rent for that month. Miss R reluctantly asked Mr. X for money, but Mr. X flatly refused.

Miss R was so chilling that she decided not to go on living like this. After listening to this story, I can't help feeling that it is simply a microcosm of countless "will-do" couples in modern society, and such stories are basically played around us every day.

Maybe some women will give in when men go back to make peace. In fact, it can be seen from the beginning of the story that Mr. X is not a person who can spend his whole life together.

Most women are just like Miss R. When they were pursued by men, the sugar-coated shells of flowers and gifts made them lose their way. There is always some ridiculous and ignorant chicken soup telling us that a man who is willing to spend money for you really loves you.

When the relationship develops further, there are frictions and contradictions between the two sides. When the other party apologizes and coaxes, you will turn things into small things, because some chicken soup also says that men who are willing to bow their heads and admit mistakes really love you.

If we instill this "poisonous chicken soup" blindly and apply it to our daily life, we will end up with a cold heart, gnashing our teeth and leaving scars.

People who get carried away by love never carefully observe what flowers and gifts they send, and never carefully observe whether they apologize sincerely.

All they want is something that they have admired for a long time and that other girls have. These people never explore what is missing in their hearts and what they want.

However, if such people enter marriage, they will inevitably fail and be disappointed. When they look back on the reasons for failure and disappointment, they will find that in the end, they have too much wishful thinking in this relationship.

Maybe Miss R won't feel that there is something wrong with herself until now. After all, in this relationship, it seems that Mr x finally broke her heart. She treats Mr x with all her heart. Nothing seems wrong, but in fact, the biggest bug is on her own.

In this era, the intimate relationship is like this: 80% of women are more or less dissatisfied with their marriage.

When falling in love, I hope that the other party is humorous, handsome, and romantic; When the relationship is stable, I hope that his thoughtfulness will make money; In the end, the two sides either got married in a muddleheaded way or made a real loss.

Therefore, I often advise my female clients not to have too high expectations for marriage, because marriage itself is a particularly delicate relationship, which is too close to feel unsafe and too far away to feel warm.

I can't hope for a man with wishful thinking, especially for his diversified needs, which will definitely make this relationship difficult to maintain.

Are you willing to accept and face all this, deeply understand your inner defects, and find a man who can truly make your heart complete? This method is more practical than those who daydream and want to marry into a rich family.

Like a strong woman friend, I need the princess's favor, so she works hard for her career, and her husband is only responsible for pampering her.

If you want some, it means you must lose some, accept it, and enter the marriage willingly. At this time, you can see the distance on the road of marriage.

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