I don't know until Im in love

/October 2021

When sad, play my beloved guitar and sing the song I wrote to you, but it does not represent the years, and I do not know whether it can represent my love. 

Time lengthens slowly with emotion, but fate can not extend along with the day. 

The long past makes our story particularly beautiful, but the more vivid the story is, the sadder the memories will be. 

I am a dreamy boy, very tired and bitter in the journey of love and discovery, but now I am still thrown by you alone in the desolate desert. 

It's a long way. Who am I looking for to accompany? 

Can you find my tenderness in the old house? 

Don't forget me, don't forget your tight arms. 

Send all the faces that are not old to love, let the stream of love flow from here to forever; give all the youth without resentment to the dream, let the halo of the dream hang from the desert to the shore-in the faint dream, listen to the blue with you again; in front of Jingyi's window, drink that cup of sadness with you again. 

How I hope that the years can stay, the memory will solidify, our sweet days can be retained forever, and the beautiful age has slipped quietly and no longer rises. 

I have no choice but to look at you helplessly and walk out of my heart slowly. 

Are you still looking at me? 

We used to share a scorching sun and a night of wind and rain; we used to share a cup of bitter wine and cross a bay of water. 

With these, even if you do not have the chance to get your life, it is enough to let me aftertaste every long rainy season. 

The dumb throat may not be unable to sing; the discrete end may not necessarily be written with desolation. 

Don't forget me, every dawn of yours in the morning when I look at you. 

Don't forget me, every evening of mine is your dusk when you miss me. 

When you are drunk, you will know that the wine is strong; when you have loved, you will know that the love is heavy. 

When your figure disappears in my dry eyes, I finally understand that what you have taken away is. 

I deeply regret it, but what I leave behind is the most beautiful and inexhaustible scenery in my life.

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