I have so much to say about you-1

/October 2021

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When I am awake, I can't put down my reserve and dare not say that I like you. Only when I am sentimental and haunted at a certain night, or when I get drunk at a party of friends, I dare to say through my mood that I like you and have been in love with you for a long time. 

About you, September 2012, that is the season that we know each other, in the classroom of more than 40 square meters, I know you. 

We are classmates who are not familiar with each other. 

That sentence is still tall, is the beginning of my attention to you, intentionally or unintentionally glanced at you from four groups to a group, careful eyes for fear that you find, but afraid you do not understand, a little bit of love dare not speak out. 

Later, I called and scolded the past, and then I chatted tacitly and said good night to each other, only to understand that I just like it, and there is nothing else. 

I'm sure I like it, but I still don't dare to say anything about it. 

Just because you said something in the crowd, you have lived in your heart ever since. 

Do not dare to disturb easily, for fear that they will disturb the pace of your life; do not dare to say love to you easily, for fear that doing so is an affront and a factor that hurts our relationship. 

About you. 

It was because of my fear that I saw you go to her with my own eyes. 

It's a fact that I like you, and it's a fact that you have a girlfriend. 

I thought I would maintain such a friend relationship without saying it, but she happened to be in a hurry. It should be a winter vacation. You have a girlfriend. I still hear that I love it so much, but it is still fruitless. 

So she and I inexplicably have the feeling of an enemy, perhaps as others say, two completely unrelated women in the world will be because a man is either very friendly or hateful. 

I can't be friendly about her, but it's not hatred, it's just that you choose her, I hope she loves you and takes care of you, even my share. 

Since the day I fell in love with you, missing has become an addiction that I can't quit. 

Your words and smiles, a frown, all affect my heart, thousands of dust thoughts, only a wisp; thousands of beauties, only love one person. 

I am willing to wander all my life in your story, willing to saddle before and after, even if you have never given me a promise, even if you have never given me half a point of love, there is still no remorse. 

About you. 

A college entrance examination, scattered us, graduation will not be the last time to see, very happy, we are not. 

Go their separate ways, you continue to go to college, it is gratifying that you are also in a different place, this can not be regarded as my plan, can only be said to be coincidental, your arrangement is just what I want. 

Later, I also heard that she came to see you from her city, and what can I say at that time? 

It's true that she really loves you. 

I have also said to my best friend that there will at least one time in my life that I forget myself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership nor love, but meeting you in my most beautiful years. 

I feel happy to meet you in this life, even though this happiness is mixed with all kinds of pain. 

I also fantasized about going to your school quietly and meeting you on your way to the classroom on a sunny afternoon. 

But before I could run into you, you graduated. 

Love is a very mysterious thing, inexplicable, the Tao is not clear, cut constantly, and the management is still messy. 

In the world, there is a kind of love that knows there is no result, but still stick to the same place, do not give up to leave, even if you can not hold a trace of warmth, still choose to wait for you silently. 

Along the way, the heart door is only open for you, the mountain city is only for you, the day is only for you, and the night is only for you. 

Because I love you, even if my heart lives on a desert island, I will still look at your happiness with the most affectionate eyes.