I have so much to say about you-2

/October 2021

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About you. A chat, I said I want to go home, you said you want to go home, I did not think in this season, we will be in our city, but even if we are in the same city, the furthest distance is, we feel so far away in the same city. 

Suddenly heard that you broke up, I feel that even I can not say, I should be happy, but I can not be happy, four years, you have a share and all the way, can be regarded as true love, why I will not be happy, probably has been accustomed to silently like you, do not ask for results. 

We also talked about the offer. We finally made an appointment that night. At first glance, I was really in the mood at this time. I was very excited. I was happy and worried. What I was worried about was that I was afraid that I would not be able to show you my best state. More or moved, walking side by side with you was something I could not even think about when I went to school. 

If I am a leaf in the wind, I hope I can fall with the most beautiful posture, because I don't want you to see my sadness, maybe the beauty of this world is somewhat desolate, the fate is the silent waiting in the depths of the clouds and water, the warmth of a piece of paper, and the most beautiful poem line of time. 

We went around the park and thought it would be awkward and poor, but you told me that we were bathed in the evening wind. I enjoyed the feeling until you sent me downstairs and you wanted to leave. I wanted to hug you and tell you how much I love you. 

But I still did not, just silently watching you leave the back, slowly away in the night until disappeared in the corner. 

How I hope that you can understand my silence, understand my silence, understand my desire to stop. 

Sometimes you can't see me because I'm hiding behind you; sometimes you can't hear me because I secretly disguise myself with silence. 

I am afraid of loneliness, but because you will let yourself fall into deep loneliness; in fact, I am also afraid of loneliness, but because you have high mountains and distant waters, and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Even if you have everything, as long as you need it, I will not hesitate to look back. 

About you. 

You said you were going to join the army there was some joy in your heart, because in the army, you may not like others, and I just want to hold this fluke mentality and wait for you to get rid of the shackles of others. I don't know if I'm late this time. I tell you, I like you, I will wait for you, wait for you to come back. 

I may not see you off when you leave, but you have to tell me which city you are in and I will come to see you. 

Life, how much parting, there will be how many meets, noisy world, there are always some lonely souls, walking on the lonely road, love you, is a ray of fragrance, through the vast sea of people, faint, such as flowers dew, embellish people's heart. 

It flows quietly in time, so that meet or not, Tianya or close at hand, have become a joy and expectation. 

Because of loving you, the years will no longer be freehand confused; because of loving you, life will no longer be boring; because of loving you, all the twists and turns are worth it. 

About you, my years are all about you, used to be, is now, and will be.