I love you, don't need a second to hesitate-1

/November 2021

He seems to have a natural bond with her. 

At that time, she was timid and weak, and she would be frightened even if a dog barked on her way to school. 

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At moments like this, he always appeared, took her sweat-soaked hand, patted her chest, and said, "Don't be afraid, I'm here." 

At that time, she had just turned 7, and he was only three years older than her. 

They have been traveling together for a long time. 

Before he knew it, he became a young man, and she was as shy and beautiful as the flowers blooming on the spring branches. 

Finally, one day, holding a large bouquet of bright roses, he said to her affectionately, "I love you, will you marry me?" 

Then, for fear of being rejected, he added carefully: "you don't have to rush to say the answer, take your time." 

I'll wait. I'll keep waiting. " 

Happiness, like the spring wind, brushes her eyes as blue as the lake. 

She buried her face in the roses and replied playfully and firmly, "I love you. It doesn't take a second to hesitate!" 

She was 24 years old and he was 27 years old when she walked the red carpet of marriage hand in hand. 

The days after marriage are like the prince holding the princess's hand in a fairy tale. 

He regards her as a treasure in the palm of his hand, and she will be full of tenderness, turning it into dribs and drabs of firewood, rice, and salt, washing hands and making soup for her beloved every day. 

However, the disaster did not delay the pace because of their love. 

She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as early as the age of two. 

This is a genetic disease that may affect many organs of the body, of which the lungs and digestive system are the most severely affected. statistics show that few such patients can live past the age of 40. 

The state of her health, which he had known for many years, never affected his determination to propose. 

Less than a year after marriage, what he feared most happened: her condition began to deteriorate slowly. 

At first, there was an occasional need for oxygen, and then almost all day. 

On that day, she was admitted to the hospital again for treatment, and her condition continued to worsen. 

He was anxious, but there was nothing he could do. 

In a very accidental case, he learned that an organ transplant was the only way for her to be cured, so he immediately went to the doctor and offered to donate his lungs. 

Fortunately, the operation was quite successful, and they both recovered and were discharged from the hospital to continue their trivial but beautiful marriage life. 

Unfortunately, after 20xx years, her health deteriorated again, and she developed symptoms of kidney failure due to cystic fibrosis.