I love you, don't need a second to hesitate-2

/November 2021

Unfortunately, after 20xx years, her health deteriorated again, and she developed symptoms of kidney failure due to cystic fibrosis. 

This time, the doctor made it clear that the only way to cure her was an organ transplant. 

So he said again without hesitation: donate one of his kidneys for his wife. 

One day when snowflakes were dancing, they were pushed into the operating room together again. 

A friend, posted this matter on the Internet, many netizens were deeply moved, one after another left a message that his and her story, let them once again believe in love, and leave the most sincere blessing. 

As time goes by, this operation has made all people pay more attention to it. 

Because, so far, this is the first living organ donor in the world to donate two organs voluntarily. 

Fortunately, the transplant was so successful and everything went well that they even had time to get home and decorate a warm Christmas. 

His name is David and her name is Caroline. 

The couple from England, because of their love, have created miracles that have moved countless people around the world. 

On a romantic night, the candlelight flickered. 

She asked him, "Why are you so stupid to come forward twice? what if there is an accident in the operation?" 

He took her by the hand and said affectionately, "I thought long before this operation that the worst result would be for us to leave this world together." 

I can't watch you leave alone, as you said when you married me, because of love, you don't need a second of hesitation. 

Now, I am willing to give everything, because my idea is exactly the same as yours. "

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