I stay for the truth

/September 2021

He grew up under the care of his parents and went to college smoothly. If you keep going like this, you will graduate from college, find a white-collar job, get a promotion and raise your salary, buy a car and buy a house, and your life will always run in a straight line. In the year of graduation, he watched the propaganda of recruiting volunteers in the western region and suddenly decided to teach for one year. The original idea was very simple. To live a different life should be regarded as traveling. I left him for my true feelings and went to a small place in Shaanxi. He has never heard of that place in his life. The loess is as desolate as those in western movies. The school is not small. All the children in Shiliba Village come here to go to school. He teaches English. He came out of the principal's office, relaxed and kicked a stone. He passed CET-8 and taught several junior high school children, but he didn't get it easily. But he was blindsided in the first class. The students in grade two have studied English for one year, so how can they not even pronounce 26 letters? He was sweating. In those classes, he recorded and repeated the letters over and over again. He is a conscientious person. He taught fairly, and the children studied hard. However, after an exam, the class he taught was the last in the whole year. That day, his sky was gray. He took the children out of the classroom. When he saw a tree, he asked what it was and answered in English. If he couldn't answer, he fined them to run for 100 meters and blow the leaves. The children gradually fell in love with the sunny teacher, and they thought he was a special friend. For example, when Li Tie was naughty and broke the basketball basket, he didn't tell the class teacher, but paid for it himself. For another example, Pingping failed the English exam, and he quietly gave her the test paper. He corrected the test paper and scored high. He said, "This is our secret." When I go to class again, Li Tie is no longer idle, and the teacher is loved, so I have to express myself. Pingping took the exam again, and her score went up. She didn't want to embarrass the teacher any more. One semester passed quickly, and his class got the first grade in English. When the parents came to get the notice, they all smiled and said, "The baby from this big city is capable." I don't know who added a warm layer to the window of his dormitory, and who put eggs and seasonal vegetables at his door. Also, when he walks on the road, someone will pull him to eat at home. People in small towns kiss him when they look at him. He has never felt so important. He gradually fell in love with the children and people here. However, the one-year deadline is up. The family called to urge him to go back, and all the jobs were found for him. It is a good unit. He hesitated to tell the students. The chattering class suddenly became very quiet. For a long time, Pingping said, "Teacher, can you stay?" "Yes, teacher, you stay and we promise to be obedient." He turned away, his sadness didn't want the children to see him. He also experienced a struggle in his own heart, whether to go or stay? That evening, his door was knocked. He opened the door and was the least silent boy in the class. He put a handkerchief bag on his desk and said, "teacher, this apricot is sweet." He asked where he came from, and the boy said he picked it from his tree! He has been to a boy's house, where is a fruit tree? He stared at the boy's eyes and asked, "Where did you come from?" The boy bowed his head: "I picked it from someone else's tree." Is already kuqiang. His fire rushed to the top of his head. He said, "I taught you all for nothing. How can I steal things?" The boy said in a very small voice: "If you eat apricots, you won't want to leave, will you?" His anger turned into a stream of water, which was clear and soft. One day, he bought two bottles of vitamin tablets and put them in his class. He said that if you can't eat fruit here in spring, people will be short of vitamins ... The child thought he left because he couldn't eat fruit? He stayed up all night, tossing and turning. This year, he was with his kids, and those simple joys he never had. Why can't such a day go on forever? Early the next morning, he went to sign for one year. A year passed quickly. He really couldn't bear the children whose faces were tanned, and he couldn't bear the folks who called his teacher to call him to eat at home. He decided to stay forever. When he said this to the children, they all cried, and so did he. With him crying, there is also a girl. One year later, they got married, and the next year, they had a lovely big fat baby. That high school reunion, he went back. See those classmates and friends who wear famous brands, they talk loudly, who earns more money, who earns less money. He sat on one side, waiting for everyone to ask him how he had been doing over the years, and he was proud to talk about his babies, talking about the sweet apricots sent by boys, who had never tasted the apricots, which were bitter and sour, but he ate them all like a baby. Also, parents always give him buckwheat noodles and glutinous rice noodles ... "I really can't get used to it!" He laughed heartily and added at the end, "People there are very emotional." After that party, many students went to the town where he taught. He gave them buckwheat noodles and fish from their parents. Some of them envied him and wondered: "Why did you give up the city's feasting?" He looked at a poplar tree outside the window for a moment and said the same sentence: "People here are very emotional."

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