I want to lend you forever

/September 2021

Until now, I still don't understand how I "lent" myself to him vaguely. It seems that since that "loan incident", I have unwittingly stepped into his "love trap". 

That was when I was a sophomore, and he was a year ahead of me. 

At that time, he was the head of the sports department of the school's student union, humorous, calm and sophisticated, and quite popular. 

And I'm just a member of his staff. 

He is an all-around athlete. He is good at long jump, running, shot put, and basketball. He can enjoy every campus sports meeting. 

One night, he asked me out and said he had something to discuss with me. 

We walked a long way along the Linyin path before we sat down at a stone table. 

When I asked him what happened, he cleared his throat and said solemnly, "after this period, I find that you are a kind and lovely girl, and my honesty and credibility must have left a deep impression on you."... " 

I looked suspiciously at his face, which looked a little more beautiful in the moonlight, waiting for the next step. 

"so I plucked up the courage to say three words to you today." 

My heart began to get excited and quickly looked away from his face. 

"I will be very sorry if the beautiful relationship between us is broken because of these three words, but I will be very happy if the relationship of mutual trust between us is further because of these three words." 

My feet were rubbing against the ground, my right hand was desperately scratching the thumb of my left hand, my face was burning disgracefully, and my eyes looked around unnaturally. 

I believe that when girls at the beginning of a relationship hear this, they will have the same reaction as I do: uneasy and looking forward to it. 

And his next sentence almost made me spit blood. I wish I could kill it with a knife. 

In my extreme embarrassment, he said leisurely: "that is-- borrow some money!" 

I suddenly looked up and saw his face flushed with laughter and his eyes full of banter. 

At the thought of my embarrassment being fully seen by him, I couldn't help getting angry. I stood up and punched him, and he flashed back quickly while I was shooting, and finally burst out laughing. 

"Who told you to think of those three words as soon as you heard them?" 


Even if I have money, I won't borrow it. " 

I was so angry that I turned around and left. 

"Hey, I'm just playing a joke on you. Don't be so stingy!" 

I thought that I was really stupid, and I couldn't help laughing, and all the unhappiness suddenly disappeared. 

I lent him the money, and our relationship went a step further as he said, and we became good friends who talked about everything. 

When he left school, I was very sad, but he just shook my hand free and left. 

Then we got in touch by phone. He told me interesting things about job hunting and work, and I told him about my unhappiness, and every time he made me laugh. 

Unconsciously, I became more and more eager to hear his voice. I was surprised by my reaction and found a helpless fact: I fell in love with him. 

After graduation, I came to his city without hesitation. 

The distance between time and space in the past year has not left a gap between us. 

In the following days, we got along calmly and harmoniously as we did in college, and we spent almost all our leisure time together. 

One night half a year later, after dinner, we walked down the street, talking out of place. 

"We've known each other for almost three years, haven't we? 

We have known each other very well for three years. " 

He said a little abruptly. 

Subconsciously thinking of that night three years ago, I couldn't help laughing and interrupting him: "do you want to borrow money?" 

Just say it! " 

"No, you hear me out." 

He looks as serious as he used to be. 

"well, you want to say three words to me, and you will be very sorry if the beautiful relationship between us is broken because of these three words; but you will be very happy if these three words further the relationship of mutual trust between us. 

Is that right? 

Come on, how much? " 

He didn't laugh as loudly as I expected, but said faintly, "I don't want to borrow money this time." 

"what do you want to borrow? 

I'm penniless. " 

"lend it to you!" 

Looking at his resolute face, I was suddenly blinded. 

"Can I borrow you to be my girlfriend, then to be my wife, then to be the mother of my children, and finally to lend you as my wife?" 

His gentle eyes looked deeply into my heart. 

I froze, not noticing at all that I nodded until he hugged me. I didn't wake up until he hugged me.

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